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October 2013









Shortage of Foster Families Throughout Los Angeles County – We need your help!


Help Us Find More Families Like You!  Share this link with your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, school or church contacts.  Post or tweet about Children’s Bureau’s foster care and adoptions program.  We offer a terrific referral program.  For more information, visit




In the News…
Children’s Bureau’s CEO, Alex Morales & Claudia Felder

On Sunday, September 22 on the “All Things Considered” radio program on NPR, Alex Morales, CEO of Children’s Bureau and Claudia Felder, a previous foster child who was adopted, were interviewed.  To listen to the program or to read the article, click here.

Famous People Who Were Adopted:  Jamie Foxx, Academy Award-winning actor

Jamie Foxx was adopted by his grandparents after his parents divorced. Yet Foxx’s adoption was no less significant or eventful. He has been quite vocal about the life lessons his beloved grandmother (also his adoptive mother) taught him. Foxx has appeared on “A Home for the Holidays” and is outspoken about the need for adoption in the U.S.:

[quote style=”boxed”]I could take you to some parts of the U.S. and you’d see kids and families in exactly the same bad situations (as in third-world regions) who need your help,’ he says. ‘We have to start at home. There are too many sick kids, orphaned kids, kids who have never gotten to open a Christmas present, right in our own backyard.[/quote]

Source: Nine People You Should Know About Who Were Adopted,

Foster Care & Adoption Information Meetings on Children’s Bureau’s Facebook

Not sure about when the next information meeting is for potential foster and adoptive families? Interested in attending a fundraiser for Children’s Bureau?  Become a fan of Children’s Bureau’s Facebook page or follow us on Twitter to get current information and news.  We also encourage you to repost or retweet news with your family and friends.  To connect with us, click on the Facebook and Twitter icons located in the right column of this newsletter.

Be Inspired!

Watch this video of families we helped to create. Their stories are different but each one is filled with an unconditional love for a child that changed their lives forever.



Get Rewarded for Referring a Foster or Adoptive Family!

Just a reminder that Children’s Bureau offers a $500 referral fee for each family our certified families refer.  $250 is paid at the time of certification and a second $250 is paid at the time a child arrives at the home of the new family!  This is our way of thanking you and encouraging you to continue to recruit families who have the ability, willingness and resources to protect and nurture the needs of children.  We have pride in our families and look forward to having you join us.

Also, many thanks to those of you who have referred family, friends, co-workers, church congregations, etc. to learn about our program.  Your effort is greatly appreciated and has a true impact on the lives of children in need.  Keep those referrals coming as we continue to have children in need of a safe and nurturing family.

Please forward this email to someone whom you think would be interested in becoming a foster or adoptive parent!

Children need families today…a referral you make could save a life and impact generations to come.

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