Child Abuse Prevention & Treatment Programs | Children's Bureau

How We Prevent Child Abuse

We help at-risk children and their parents with the support, tools, and resources they need to be successful. We do this in three ways: through comprehensive programs and services to meet the varying needs of today's parents and their children, helping other organizations with innovative tools and training, and our work to develop innovative solutions that impact broader communities in sustainable ways.

Programs for Children & Families

Children’s Bureau works inside vulnerable communities to provide services designed to reduce risk factors and increase opportunities for children and their parents.  We provide an array of comprehensive programs and services with four inter-locking goals which experts agree are key to strengthening families and communities: nurturing parenting, school readiness, good health and economic stability. 

Children’s Bureau has earned a highly regarded reputation in implementing county programs as well as our own programs designed to meet the needs of the fragile families we serve.

Professional Training & Support

While Children’s Bureau provides hundreds of direct services each year to vulnerable children and their families, we have an even greater impact on child well-being by offering training and technical support to other organizations statewide and beyond. One way we do this is through Strategies, a nationally recognized alliance of experienced trainers, organizational development coaches, facilitators and support staff.

These experts conduct training and coaching workshops to enhance community-based organizations and public agencies throughout California.  

Community Initiatives

At Children’s Bureau, we recognize that in order to change the life trajectory of at-risk children, we must include in our approach the families raising these children, the communities in which these children live, and the government and nonprofit systems that are woven through their lives. 

We also know that we can’t continue to single service our way out of societal problems. That’s why we help other organizations and institutions to collaborate and function differently in a proactive way that is community engaged and sustainable. Children’s Bureau is proud to be a thought leader and significant part of this national collective effort.