Sponsorships that Prevent Child Maltreatment | Children's Bureau of Southern California

Sponsors in Hope Opportunities

Thrive Sponsors

For our most loyal corporate donors who participate in a number of annual events or funding opportunities, there are Thrive Sponsorship opportunities at $250,000+ and $100,000+ commitments which can be spread across multiple years.

Benefits may include:

  • Highest levels of co-branding with Children’s Bureau
  • Top Sponsorship Opportunities at all signature events
  • Complimentary access to all signature events
  • Customized marketing opportunities

Hope Talks Sponsorships

Hope Talks are a curated, informational series for our Partners in Hope, our most valued donors. The six-part annual series will be conversational and intimate, featuring thought leadership on today’s issues affecting vulnerable children and families. Partners will gather at private locations to experience a panel of experts and ask pivotal questions. All conversations will have remote attendance capabilities.


  • Naming of a Hope Talk
  • Introduction Opportunity
  • Website and Media Listing
  • Annual Report Listing
  • In-Person and Hybrid Event Access
  • Tax deduction

Past Sponsors have included…

Events Sponsorships

Children’s Bureau has several signature and one-of-a-kind events each year including the President’s Invitational Golf Tournament, Mallets and Tea, and The Common Bowl Festival.

Benefits may include:

  • Title sponsorship naming opportunities
  • Website and Media Listing
  • Annual Report Listing
  • Event signage
  • Event access
  • Tax deduction

Past Sponsors have included…


Gifts-in-kind are another way to contribute to Children’s Bureau’s efforts to prevent child maltreatment and offer services to 39,000 at-risk children and parents each year. Gifts-in-kind are noncash donations of materials or long-lived assets, other than real and personal property, that are directly related to the mission of Children’s Bureau.

Please fill out the form or call 1-855-685-HOPE (4673) if you wish to make a gift or sponsorship, or if we can help answer any questions. Thank you for your generous support!

Cause Marketing

We’re always interested in mutually beneficial revenue generating relationships with a select and appropriate group of corporate sponsors. Collaboration can boost your organization’s corporate social responsibility and brand awareness while generating proceeds to help children in need.