2017 Awareness Campaign - Child Abuse Prevention, Treatment & Welfare Services | Children's Bureau



2017 Awareness Campaign

We’re excited to launch a new advertising campaign called Be the Reason that hopes to inspire individuals and/or families to foster or adopt a child in need.  Hundreds of ads started going up in mid January and will continue to be posted through March on various billboards, bus benches, airport and mall shelters that are in both print and digital formats.  The in-kind value of the donated space is worth $1 million and helps to promote Children’s Bureau in a far reaching matter with great impact.  We are grateful for the support of outdoor ad companies that include Clear Channel Outdoor, EYE, Intersection, JCDecaux, Lamar Advertising, Martin Outdoor, Regency Outdoor, Starlite Media and Summit Media, of which many have partnered with us for more than two decades.  Many thanks also to our corporate partner, AECOM, for generously sponsoring our printing costs.  Let us know if you see a billboard around town and post an image to our Facebook or Twitter!

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