Be the Reason a Child Thrives

A report of child abuse is made every 10 seconds. This doesn’t have to happen. Learn how you can be a part of the story to strengthen at-risk families and communities so every child can grow up safe, nurtured and full of potential.


Our Vision at Children's Bureau:

Children thriving in strong families and communities.

Since 1904, Children’s Bureau has been a private, nonprofit leader in preventing child abuse and neglect and treating children who have suffered. Our innovative, comprehensive services help thousands of at-risk children and parents annually from 20 community sites in Los Angeles and Orange Counties. Our research and evaluation efforts and advocacy inform the child welfare arena on local, state and national levels.

Most parents don’t intend to harm their children. So why does it happen?  Many of today’s social ills play a pivotal role in child abuse.  Isolation, poverty, substance abuse, loss of job or home, mental health issues are just a few of the life situations that can cause high stress and overwhelming feelings. Add to the mix the needs of a child and life becomes hard. Really hard.  Read below to learn how we help support at-risk parents so they can confidently raise their children.
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How We Prevent Child Abuse:

  • We Strengthen Families & Communities

    with direct services and programs

  • We Help Other Organizations

    with innovative tools & training

  • We Impact Communities & Transform Systems

    with best practices to improve community outcomes

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Success Stories

Matthew’s Story

Matthew is a teenager who was receiving treatment through Children’s Bureau’s mental health program. The program aims to help young adults and children manage their mental health needs and persevere through the extremely emotional time of childhood and adolescence. While Matthew was successful in completing his treatment goals, he struggled with completing schoolwork and did ...

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Meet the Goolsby-Kerrigan Family

Kristina and Maeve were excited to start their journey as parents and be a resource to a child in need. They quickly learned the beauty and struggles of parenthood when they foster-adopted a beautiful baby girl named Coco. And although they had to adjust to their new life, parenthood was better than anything they ever ...

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Meet Francesco and Rick

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Meet Marta

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Meet Diana

Diana had been a victim of domestic violence and was struggling with addiction when she was referred to the Children’s Bureau Family Stabilization Program. She entered rehab during this time and, once completing the program, she and her two teenaged children entered a domestic violence shelter where they stayed for two months receiving counseling services. When Diana and her......

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Meet Danielle

Danielle has two children, ages two and seven, with special needs and the family was experiencing several major losses:  the loss of Danielle’s father, the loss of two family pets and Danielle’s husband separating from her while her father was in hospice. When the family came to Children’s Bureau, Danielle and her mother were still processing the events that......

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Be the Difference We Need for a Child

You have it. We need it.  Skills, resources, and talents to help further our mission. Meet new people and feel good about making a difference in your community. 

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