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The Benefits of Foster Care

There are 64,000 foster youth in California alone, 21,000 of those being in Los Angeles County. Of those children living with foster families, 500 are unable to return to their birth parents and are waiting now to be connected to a foster family who will adopt. Foster care and adoption give a child an opportunity for change, happiness, and growth. The foster care placement process might be challenging, but creating smiles and offering a stable home for children in need certainly outweigh all concerns.

Through foster care, families become a dynamic support system to children who are waiting to be reunited with their birth parents. While you experience this unique and meaningful experience of parenting, you will become a key factor in a young person’s life.

Becoming a Resource Parent with Children’s Bureau

A foster-adoptive family offers children a home to grow up in when they are unable to live with their birth parents. Children’s Bureau’s Resource Parents protect and nurture children, meet children’s developmental needs and address delays, support children’s relationships with their birth families, connect children to safe and nurturing relationships intended to last a lifetime and do all of this as a member of our professional team. The requirements of being a resource parent include flexibility, a willingness to grow and learn with a foster child, and most importantly, provide a safe and stable home where love for a child is demonstrated.

Additionally, foster and adoptive families receive financial assistance in the form of a monthly stipend meant to cover a foster child’s needs: food, clothing, and other applicable costs when placed in the foster parent’s care. Other foster care benefits include health insurance, medical coverage, and social worker support.

Resource parents are overjoyed as they provide loving homes for foster youth who need support. Their stories show the child’s happiness at being accepted into a foster-adoptive family and building those lifelong connections. Watch the delightful journeys of Children’s Bureau’s families in these FosterMore videos:

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