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The Importance of Bonding with an Adoptive Child

Written by: Keila Asaoka

The importance of bonding with an adopted child is supported by scientific research, which emphasizes the significant impact of a supportive relationship on a child’s ability to thrive in the face of adversity. Harvard University and other institutions provide valuable insights into the benefits of bonding with an adopted child, as well as practical strategies for nurturing this essential connection.

“Science now tells us that it is the reliable presence of at least one supportive relationship and multiple opportunities for developing effective coping skills that are essential building blocks for the capacity to do well in the face of significant adversity,” according to Harvard University. Along with Harvard, there is a vast presence of research on the importance of bonding with an adopted child. These scientifically proven benefits of bonding with your adopted child can serve as tremendous motivators in cultivating this precious connection.

Benefits of Bonding With an Adoptive Child

  1. Nurturing Trust: Bonding and supportive care contribute to a child’s sense of safety and trust, enabling them to develop healthy relationships and make wise choices in the future.
  2. Generational Impact: Research suggests that supportive care received by mammals can influence the caregiving behavior of the next generation. Similarly, bonding with a child can positively impact their future relationships and parenting skills.
  3. Positive Classroom Experiences: The warmth and support provided by caregivers contribute to a child’s ability to form healthy relationships with peers, leading to a more positive attitude toward school and better academic achievement.

Strategies for Bonding With an Adopted Child

Several practical approaches can help foster a strong bond with an adopted child, including:

  • Establishing routines
  • Creating family traditions
  • Engaging in play
  • Taking family photos
  • Expressing love and support
  • Encouraging confidence through decision-making

Learn more activities to enhance the bond between you and your adopted child.

Achieving Bonding Goals

When bonding with an adopted child, it’s important to:

  • Provide steady eye contact
  • Use touch to build a connection
  • Give undivided attention during meal times
  • Understand the child’s background and cultural influences

Setting Realistic Expectations

It’s essential to educate yourself about your adopted child’s background and set realistic expectations for the bonding process. Patience, support groups, and training programs can also be valuable resources for strengthening the bond with an adopted child.

The scientifically proven benefits of bonding with an adopted child underscore the significance of this connection in promoting a child’s well-being and future success. By being proactive and understanding the unique needs of the child, adoptive parents can cultivate a nurturing and supportive relationship that is fundamental to the child’s development.

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