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5 Adoption Stories That Will Melt Your Heart

At Children’s Bureau, we love to see individuals and organizations supporting the dream we are so passionate about. We believe that the future is in our youth and that every child deserves a happy, healthy, and safe environment to flourish. These five adoption stories couldn’t help but bring a smile to our faces, and we hope they bring one to yours too!

1. Retirees Find Joy in Adoption

As a retired couple, Al and Jan still had the desire to have a child in their life but knew that an infant or toddler might not be the best fit. Although the two had raised a total of 8 daughters in their former marriages, they feared they might be considered ‘too old’ to adopt. 

However, through paperwork, patience, and persistence, the couple was approved and began their search. They finally found their teenage daughter in 2009, and couldn’t be happier.

“She is a funny, lovable gem. She adds sparkle and purpose to our lives that no other type of retirement could. Trust, love, and respect take time, but is very, very worth it.”

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2. A Mother For Every Child

After attending one of Helping Hand Home For Children’s picnics, Holly began to wonder what it would be like to become an adoptive parent herself. She was drawn to Maria, a happy-looking teen, and hoped that one day she could become a foster mom to such a girl. 

As a high school teacher, an older child appealed to this single mom-to-be. Once she went through the application process, her dreams became a reality: Maria became her daughter! Since they became a forever family, Maria’s self-esteem grew, and her grades improved – the once shy girl has developed confidence and loves spending time with her high school friends.

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3. The True Meaning of Family

In 2001, brothers Miguel and Antonio were placed in foster care due to abuse and neglect. Bouncing around from foster and group homes, the two bickered relentlessly to the point where social workers considered separating the two. Finally, a Wendy’s Wonderful Kids (WWK) recruiter took note of this heartbreaking case and began to search for a suitable forever home for these deserving children. 

The recruiter was able to match them with Carlos, who had always wanted to be a father. As their relationship developed, the recruiter noticed a striking change in the boys’ behavior, they were no longer fighting. Carlos had taught them the meaning of family and the importance of sticking together through thick and thin. After a decade of being in the foster care system, the two brothers finally became part of a forever family in 2012.

Dave Thomas Foundation / Wendy’s Wonderful Kids


4. Instant Family, Forever Love

Even before they were married, Cory and Shelley Kurtz knew they were destined to be parents. From the moment they settled down, they began preparing for their future family: a kid-friendly home, an SUV, even toys and baby furniture. They finally discussed the possibility of adoption in California and were thrilled at the idea of becoming an ‘instant family’ by adopting a group of siblings. 

To their delight, they were chosen to become the parents of three lovely children, two brothers, and their sister.

“Every day, we look at our beautiful children and are amazed at our good fortune of becoming a forever family. Each one has a unique personality, and we are enjoying getting to know them as individuals. Even though it’s only been a month, we can’t imagine our lives without them.”

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5. A Second Chance

In 2009, siblings Charlie, Cynthia, and Carter were placed in foster care after their parents were arrested for drug-related offenses. The children’s family history includes numerous physical and health-related issues, as well as learning disabilities. As a result of their troubled upbringing, all of the kids had been academically delayed. Once a Wendy’s Wonderful Kids recruiter became involved, he not only had the opportunity to know the children better but also identified a suitable family for these deserving siblings. 

The Shanahan family bonded quickly with the trio of children, and their academic setbacks have almost disappeared since becoming a part of this loving forever home.

Dave Thomas Foundation / Wendy’s Wonderful Kids

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