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Belong Campaign Featured in Korea Daily Newspaper

The Magnolia Community Initiative Belong Campaign was featured in the Korea Daily newspaper on September 2, 2015.


Read the translation below:

“Share your love and make friends with your neighbors”

The Magnolia Community Initiative
Courage for Our Seniors. Empowerment.

MCI joins the ShareLove marathon.

This organization is about strengthening bonds between neighbors through civic engagement through the Belong Campaign.

Belong Campaign Manager, Armando Alvarado explained that, “It doesn’t matter the age, religion, ethnicity, gender you are…it’s about neighbors creating a support system as neighbors and helping each other and becoming supportive friends and that’s what I truly desire.”

The Belong campaign is about neighbors sharing their knowledge of community resources with each other and helping each other out, and the purpose of this campaign is to empower the community to help itself and find courage and strength.

This Los Angeles-based organization has over 70 organization partners and focuses on four goals which are education, health, financial stability, and quality parental care.

Belong Community Organizer Nancy Kim emphasized, “I hope through running this marathon everyone will continue to keep their health and through the Belong campaign, the Korean community will also make friends with their neighbors, and that there will be a huge turnout for our campaign this day.”

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