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Newswires | Young Creators and World-Renowned Artist Team up to Raise Funds for Children’s Bureau of Southern California

Children’s Bureau of Southern California has partnered with world-renowned artist and ambassador for global peace, Ehsan, to provide a unique auction item for the upcoming President’s Invitational Golf Tournament. With the essential contributions of young Nicholas, Eileen, Guadalupe and Melody, Ehsan is proud to present “Colors of Love,” a singular effort completed in a cooperative spirit.

The four children between the ages of 4 and 5, are currently enrolled in a program that is offered through Children’s Bureau which provides children an opportunity to build skills in all developmental areas and prepares them to enter kindergarten. The free program serves low-income families who reside in Central and South-Central Los Angeles and provides family support services.
The children are thriving and serve as excellent examples of the work performed by the local charity, Children’s Bureau, an organization committed to building hope and providing a path forward as leaders in strengthening vulnerable children, their parents and the communities in which they live. Children’s Bureau is a private nonprofit that has been saving lives with innovative child welfare programs since 1904, serving more than 49,400 children and parents annually in Los Angeles and Orange Counties.

Centered around a maternal image, “Colors of Love” provides calming peace as bright tones radiate outward, off the canvas. The painting technique utilizes textures and creates dimension throughout the piece. While Ehsan focused his energies on completing this figure, each child had an active hand in painting a section, all working together.

You can watch this masterpiece come to life in a time-lapse video by visiting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JzFP1qmyvSs

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