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Hero of Hope Spotlight: Eddie Ring

Children’s Bureau relies on the support from our sponsors and donors to provide the children and families in our community the tools and resources they need to thrive. The virtual Heroes of Hope campaign is our year-end endeavor to raise funds for the vulnerable children in our community and we are so thankful to all our donors. In this post, we will be highlighting one of the campaign’s heroes: Eddie Ring.

Eddie is the Founder & CEO of New Standard Equities, a real estate investment management firm that specializes in the acquisition and operations of multifamily properties located throughout the Western U.S. He is a strong believer that CEO’s and corporations, in general, should lead by example and improve the communities they are operating in.

“I believe we are all in this together and we should give back in any way that’s going to help the overall community,” Eddie shared.  “The more we give back, the wealthier we are.”

Eddie was introduced to Children’s Bureau after meeting our Founder & CEO, Ron Brown, at a CEO roundtable through the Vistage Group last year and was immediately impressed with Children’s Bureau’s work and mission.

“I was floored by this group [Children’s Bureau] going out there and doing the work that needs to be done to protect underserved children from abuse,” said Eddie.

After learning more about the organization and visiting the Magnolia Place Family Center, Eddie and his wife, Mary Beth, decided to focus their philanthropy on Children’s Bureau to help the agency grow and continue its efforts to prevent child abuse. Their generous support of Heroes of Hope added Eddie to our virtual Wall of Heroes and through his company, New Standard Equities, Eddie intends to continue raising awareness and funds for Children’s Bureau by sponsoring a dinner or golf tournament in the near future.

“Especially with the added risks right now and the lack of resources, if I can be a small piece of helping prevent child abuse, I think that goes a long way.”

In addition to his continued support for Children’s Bureau, Eddie is constantly looking for ways he can improve New Standard Equities and create a positive impact on his employees and the community. In fact, they have recently formalized their environmental, social, and governance practices in concert with the UN Global Compact and thousands of other like-minded member organizations.

As part of their broader social initiative, New Standard Equities strives to support local healthcare, children’s well-being, and animal rights organizations. In an attempt to foster a habit of giving at the local level, each of the company’s regional offices has the opportunity to choose a local organization that the company helps support.

“Overall, as it relates back to my company, I hope I can be a role model to my employees, residents, and even our investors,” shared Eddie. “If I can create an attitude of giving and get my company thinking that way, peer companies may follow, and we can all be doing better for our community.”

Find more information about New Standard Equities here and more information about the Heroes of Hope Campaign here.

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