When Nicolas was ready for preschool, Saul, his father, eagerly enrolled him in Children’s Bureau’s Magnolia State Preschool Program. Saul knew his son would get the academic foundation needed for his success as his daughter, Melody, a high schooler, had graduated from the same preschool program years ago. “After seeing my daughter’s success in elementary, middle and now high school, how could I not send my son here,” said Saul. “Children’s Bureau’s approach on education, specifically what I call homework, they called it an activity packet, helped to change
my point of view on how to engage my kids in learning. I love how the teachers connect with all the students and how they get to know them personally. It is like dropping my kids off at a trustworthy family member’s house,” he added.

Magnolia State Preschool Program served 78 children, like Nicolas, in fiscal year 2023 with 89 percent of the children reaching their developmental milestones. The program also supports each child’s family with diverse services such as parenting classes and workshops, referrals, counseling and
more. Ninety-eight percent of parents surveyed in the program would recommend the preschool to other families.

Nicolas proudly graduated from the program earlier this year and is eager and ready to continue learning in kindergarten. Melody is currently part of a University of Southern California sponsored program that ensures her college future. Saul credits Children’s Bureau for her success as the preschool
program made learning enjoyable and important. “My daughter once asked me if she could be the first Latina female president of the United States. Knowing my daughter, she just might be,” said Saul.