Amid the pandemic, Alejandra was in the 6th grade when the world came to a standstill. The anticipated graduation ceremony and the joyous moments it promised never materialized. Alejandra, once vibrant and outgoing, withdrew into a realm of sadness and anger. The pandemic took away more than just school events; it stole her connection with her best friend, leaving her feeling utterly alone and isolated.

In her darkest moments, Alejandra began to harbor negative thoughts, contemplating self-harm and even suicide. The
situation escalated to a point where Alejandra’s behavior became unmanageable, leading to hospitalization. Though she did not really want to die, the pain she felt was overwhelming. “I found it difficult to trust people in my life. I closed myself in a box. I didn’t want to let anyone in, and I didn’t want to let myself out,” said Alejandra.

It was at this critical juncture that therapy became a lifeline for her. Initially challenging, the process gradually eased as
Alejandra learned to trust those around her. The turning point came when Alejandra formed a strong connection with her Children’s Bureau therapist. Alejandra says that she eventually did not feel the need to hide anything and that together they would figure out a solution to any problem. After two years, Alejandra proudly graduated from the therapy program. Alejandra’s mom, Vanessa, expressed deep gratitude for the program, highlighting the cultural understanding provided by Children’s Bureau, which played a crucial role in their journey. “You never stop learning, and any situations that we have, we now know what to do, what to say. It helped a lot for my family and my daughter, especially,” said Vanessa. The positive changes extended beyond Alejandra herself. She transformed into a role model for her younger sister, embracing responsibilities like cleaning her room and caring for her pets. The family, proud of Alejandra’s growth,
emphasized the importance of therapy in fostering better communication within relationships.

Alejandra shared that her most significant takeaway from graduating from therapy was “better communication and
talking without screaming and fighting. Communication is the #1 thing to do in any relationship.”