Child Abuse, Development & Welfare Resources

Children’s Bureau understands how important it is for our community to be educated on child abuse in the Los Angeles & surrounding Southern California area. We put together a list of statistics pertaining to child abuse in order to help shed light on the issues our community faces. Help spread awareness, and visit the affiliate links below for further information.

Child Abuse Statistics

• There were more than 220,000 reports of child abuse and neglect in Los Angeles and Orange Counties in 2017 and over 32 percent of these children were under 5 years old. (Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services; Orange County Social Services Agency Child Abuse Registry Statistics, University of California at Berkeley California Child Welfare Indicators Project)
• In the United States in 2000, over 3 million child abuse and neglect reports were filed and 1 million were confirmed.
• In the United States, there are 3,000 children abused each day and four of them will die. Forty percent of these children were under the age of six.
• The age group with the highest abuse rate is 0-3 years.
Nationally, the highest form of abuse is neglect followed by physical abuse.

Community Resources Guides

Families/Caregivers of Children Ages 0-5
Para Familias/Proveedores de Niños de 0-5 Años