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The facts about child abuse are sobering and our "Did You Know?" awareness campaign puts them in the context of real lives and real families. Every year, our work helps over 50,000 children and parents break that cycle of abuse and Ronald E. Brown, Ph.D., our President & CEO, underscores how primary prevention can give them new hope for the future.

Did You Know Series


Did You Know | Fact #4

As internationally recognized experts in child abuse prevention strategies, Children’s Bureau has had an impact on countless lives since the organization was founded in 1904. In the decades since, our services and programs have transformed with the times, but our commitment to helping children thrive has remained constant. Our focus on Primary Prevention, and creating safe homes and communities for at-risk children and their families, means empowering them with the tools and support they need to break the cycle of abuse and building a culture of care for future generations.
Watch this video from the Did You Know Series to learn what you can do to help vulnerable children. 



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