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Individual Donors

Thank you to those individuals that generously made a financial gifts to Children's Bureau. We appreciate your support and dedication to our mission of helping vulnerable children, families and communities thrive. Your belief in the power of our prevention work is greatly appreciated!

Patrons ($50,000 – $100,000)

Mr. and Mrs. Alex B. Morales #


Colleagues ($25,000 – $49,000)

Mr. and Mrs. Steven W. Moore
Mrs. Lara Ladd


Sponsors ($10,000 – $24,999)

Mr. and Mrs. Austin G. Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy D. Armour
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Barnes
Mr. and Mrs. O. Jacob Bobek
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Burke
Ms. Stephanie A. Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. Chadd R. Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Damon R. Fisher
Mr. Brian Ford
Mr. and Mrs. J. Kristofer Galashan
Ms. Linda S. Garrison #
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas M. Hayes #
Ms. Shelli Herman and Dr. Stewart Gleischman
Mr. and Mrs. Martin T. Jacobs
Dr. and Mrs. Surendra V. Jain
Ms. Milu Hoppenbrouwer and Mr. Lewis Kneib
Mr. and Mrs. Jordon L. Kruse
Mr. and Mrs. Mark C. Lemons
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Linfesty
Mr. Richard R. Magnuson, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Masuda
Ms. Samantha Gutstadt and Mr. Ron Nayot
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Nemecek
Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Nolan
Mrs. Anne Osberg
Mr. and Mrs. Joshua A. Pack
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew D. Palmer
Mr. Matthew Peterson
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Primeaux
Mr. Edward Ring
Ms. Keitha M. Russell
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene P. Stein
Mr. Clinton R. Stevenson, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael H. Swartz
Ms. Frances Sweeney
Mr. Stuart L. Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Thomson
Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Tilton
Mr. Michael T. Traylor
Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Washington, Jr.
Ms. Gayle M. Whittemore and Ms. Alexandra S. Glickman
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew C. Wilson
Ms. Hope Wintner and Mr. Ted Meisel
Ms. Porsha Pearson and Mr. Andy Wong


Partners ($5,000 – $9,999)

Mrs. Wallace W. Booth
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Brown, Jr.
Ms. Corina E. Casco and Mr. Philippe Shepnick
Mr. Keith Covington
Mr. Brett C. Davis
Anonymous Donor 1
Mr. Brian Eisendrath
Anonymous Donor 2
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Fleischner
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Fourticq, Sr.
Ms. Lisa Gritzner
Mr. and Mrs. Nick Leopard
Mr. and Ms. Franklin Kostlan
Rebecca & Patrick Niemann Family
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Pade
Mr. and Mrs. Aden Pavkov
Mr. Daniel Phelan
Ms. Debbie Phelps
Ms. Ricci V. Ramos
Mr. and Mrs. John Reimer
Ms. Janie F. Schulman and Mr. John Stephen Caragozian


Companions ($2,500 – $4,999)

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Arklin
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew S. Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Philip de Toledo
Mr. and Mrs. Damon Frier
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Garrett
Mr. and Mrs. William Glass
Mr. Richard J. Goldstein
Dr. and Mrs. Donald A. Hicks
Ms. Lori A. Irving
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Jackson
Mr. and Mrs. David Kass
Ms. Nicolette Maruri
Mr. and Mrs. Hasham Mukadam
Mr. and Mrs. A.F. Osterloh III
Mrs. Roland Peterson
Mr. Omar Rojas
Mr. and Mrs. Nicolas Ruch
Mr. and Mrs. James St. Aubin
Mr. and Mrs. Kyle P. Wheeler
Mr. Scott B. Witter


Friends ($1,000 – $2,499)

Mr. and Mrs. Juan J. Alfonso
Mr. Edward Alon
Ms. Christina F. Bessacini
Mr. and Mrs. Randall L. Bort
Ms. and Ms. Carletta Woods
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory E. Brubach
Mr. Brian Bullard
Mr. Thomas Burfeind
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Casarella
Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Chen
Mr. Paul Chen
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Chirba
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin E. Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Coleman
Ms. Jennifer King and Mr. Steven Cox
Mrs. Jennie M. Crowley
Ms. Heather de Roos
Mr. and Mrs. Randall J. Dean
Mr. and Mrs. Ian M. Eddleston, C.P.A
Mrs. Ann Edwards
Mr. Scott Farquhar
Mr. and Mrs. Christian Flores
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Fung
Mr. Brian S. Gaede
Mr. David Garcia
Ms. Lilliams Garcia and Mr. Manny Fragelus
Mr. Brian Glennon
Mr. and Mrs. Aubie S. Goldenberg
Mr. Sandeep Gupta
Dr. Shalesh Gupta
Mr. and Mrs. David H. Hannah
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Harrington
Ms. Jennifer Ignacio and Mr. Curt Himebauch
Mrs. and Mr. Kathleen M. Holthouse
Mr. and Ms. David O. Schumacher
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Hutnick
Mr. and Ms. Richard Kaminski
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley D. Knyal
Mr. Michiaki Koyama
Ms. Laurie Leask
Ms. Eliz Lee and Dr. Eric Lee
Anonymous Donor
Mr. Aleksandr Logvinsky
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Lovrien
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Madison
Mr. Joseph McGrath
Mr. Timothy McHale
Ms. Maguelina Mendoza
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Mezger
Mr. Todd Moody
Mr. and Mrs. Donovan Moore
Mr. Craig Murray
Ms. Gretchen M. Nero
Mr. and Mrs. John Nickoll
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Outcalt
Mrs. Vergie Papalexis
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Perlstein
Ms. Christina Jacke-Printup and Mr. Corey Printup
Mr. Randy G. Rider
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Ring
Mr. Jeffrey A. Rosen
Mr. Hossein Safadaran
Mr. and Mrs. Peyman Salehi
Mr. and Mrs. Lugi C. Sasso
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Shea
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Sinkys
Mrs. Charles P. Skouras, Jr.
Mr. Mark G. Sogomian
Mr. and Mrs. Kunal Soni
Ms. Lucy Tilton
Mr. Michael Triessl
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas P. Turk
Mr. Ali Vahdat
Mr. and Mrs. Salvador Villar #
Mr. James Walther and Dr. Robin Walther
Ms. Tracey Willfong
Ms. Audra F. Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Winebaum
Mr. and Mrs. Casey Winters
Mr. and Mrs. Keven J. Yue

Supporters ($500 – $999)

Mr. Jeff Muehl and Mr. Hammon Acuna
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce W. Albertson
Ms. Margaret Alvarez
Ms. Donna K. Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Gareth Asten
Mr. Jeffrey Bagley and Mr. Peter Lavin
Ms. Joanie Black
Ms. Kelly Blankenship
Mr. Bryan P. Boghosian
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Bradley
Mr. Blair Brewster
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Brown
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Castro
Ms. Sona S. Chandwani
Mr. Ted Chervin
Ms. Sarah Christian
Mr. Shawn Colo
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Dickerson
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Edelman
Ms. Caroline Edwards
Mr. Tomas Escobedo
Mrs. Sally L. Feathers
Ms. Tatiana Fefe
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Fields
Mrs. John A. Gavin
Mrs. Joan V. Hay
Ms. Kasey M. Hemphill
Mr. and Mrs. William Hiestand
Mr. Peter Horton
Ms. Karen Hudecek
Ms. Susan Hull
Mr. and Mrs. Arne Kalm
Mr. and Mrs. Toby Kaulkin
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kazanjian
Mr. and Mrs. Adam Keefe
Ms. Elyse Klein
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Klein
Mrs. R Theodore Leaver #
Mr. and Mrs. Tony Lopez
Mr. and Mrs. Neil B. Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart L. McLean
Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. McRoskey
Mr. John Meagher
Ms. Alison Merrell
Ms. Marie Middleton
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Miller, Jr.
Ms. Sandra Minasian
Ms. Tritia M. Murata
Ms. Rita S. Murdoch
Mr. and Mrs. Andreas Olavarria
Ms. Neda Ozdemir
Mr. Dimos Papadopoulos
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Parrish
Ms. Margo Peck
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Pfirrmann
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Z. Praw
Mr. and Ms. Gregory E. Breen
Mr. and Mrs. Nav Rahemtulla
Mr. Jose A. Ramos, Jr.
Mr. Evan Rapoport
Mr. Chris Reekie
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Reischl
Mr. and Mrs. Keith W. Renken
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Richardson
Mr. Warren Riley
Mr. and Ms. Michael S. Royce
Mrs. Jack C. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Staggs
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Steiner
Mrs. Robert R. Towne
Ms. Miriam Vogel
Mr. Trevor Winn
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne A. Wirth
Ms. Lisa Zugschwerdt


Associates ($250 – $499)

Dr. and Mrs. Brian C. Alessini
Mrs. Ned Bailey
Ms. Deborah Baker
Ms. Amanda Bausch
Mr. Nicholas Blackford
Ms. Joyce Boghosian
Ms. Effie Braun
Ms. Elaine Cantwell
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Carnell
Mr. Mark Cervi
Dr. and Dr. Nanik J. Chandwani
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Chasalow
Mr. and Mrs. George Chelius
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Codiga
Mrs. Margaret Collins
Mr. James Cordova
Mr. and Mrs. Allan Cruz
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Dietz
Ms. Lisa Eddy
Ms. Margot Garber
Mr. Jacob Hansen
Ms. Alison J. Hay
Mr. David Heichberger
Mrs. Eugene H. Hoffman
Mrs. Carol Horvitz
Ms. Quincy Kevan
Mr. Jason King
Mr. Gunnar Kohl
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Kroener, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Krupski
Mr. Yev Kuznetsov
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Lally
Mr. Jack Levy
Ms. Susana A. Luna
Mr. Ernest S. Lyons
Ms. Devon MacLaughlin
Mr. Mike Madalow
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick McLane
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis McLarry
Mr. Leon Nguyen
Mr. Eric Pearson
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Poulson
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Prince
Mr. David Quick
Mr. Steve Sanders
Mr. Matthew Schneider
Mrs. Aida Simonian
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Solomon
Ms. Kathleen M. Stanley and Mr. Thomas J. Grant
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin M. Stern
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Telles
Ms. Valerie Toledo
Ms. Ashley Webb
Ms. Waltraud E. Woolf
Mr. and Mrs. Don Worsfold

Investors (below $250)

Mr. Gregory Abbott
Mr. Marck Aben
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Acuna
Ms. Jennifer Aguillon
Mr. Connor Ahern
Ms. Linda Ahern
Mr. Christus Ahmanson
Ms. Karalyn Ahmanson
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Ahmanson
Ms. Julia Ainley
Mr. Amir Akhavan
Ms. Reema Alhabeeb
Mr. Mir Ali
Mr. Syed Jibran Ali
Mr. Eric Alino
Ms. Leticia Alvarez
Ms. Martha Alvarez
Ms. Rosa M. Alvarez
Mr. Matthew Alvo
Ms. Fariba Amini
Mr. Michael Andersen
Ms. Anna Angelo
Mr. Andrew Armour
Ms. Ava Arora
Mr. Joseph Arra
Ms. Florence Aton
Ms. Kathiana Aurelien
Mr. Sean Baba
Mr. Nagendra Babu
Mr. Robert Baggott
Mr. Fernando Bahena
Ms. Julia Balas
Mrs. Mary Ballegeer
Mr. and Mrs. David Bancroft
Ms. Gina Banks
Ms. Meighan Bannon
Ms. Alyssa Barajas
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Barmore
Ms. Dee Bass
Ms. Bert Beck
Ms. Tashana Bednar
Ms. Julie Bednarczyk
Ms. Maria Beechan
Ms. Gillian Bellinger
Ms. Samantha Benedicto
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bessacini
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Beuerlein
Ms. Beatrice Bienaime
Mr. Paul Bienaime
Mr. Pierre Bienaimé
Mr. and Ms. Farrell A. Binder
Mr. Stephen Stewart and Ms. Robin Blake
Ms. Martha Blanco
Ms. Jessica Borio
Ms. Linda Bourne
Mr. Bob Bradley
Mr. David Braun
Mr. Gordon Brody
Ms. Courtney Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Brown
Mr. Seth Brown
Mr. Cameron Buick
Ms. Babbs Burke
Mr. Robyn Bytheway
Ms. Cheryl Cabieles
Ms. Sheila Callison
Ms. Deborah Campbell
Mr. Kevin Campbell
Ms. Jill Canales
Mr. Nathaniel Capaccio
Ms. Jenine Carrasco
Ms. Jessica Castellon
Ms. Jaime Cathey
Mr. Michael Cauchi
Ms. Destiny Chamarro
Ms. Caroline Chang
Mr. Walid Chaya
Ms. Therese Cheevers
Mr. Jonathon Hobley and Mrs. Susan Cheng
Ms. Sophie Chou
Ms. Tori Ciampa
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Cioth
Mr. Ryan Clark
Ms. Kendra Cohen
Mr. John Collins
Ms. Ashley Conlon
Ms. Anna Connaughton
Ms. Brianna Cook-Doughty
Ms. Julia Cortes
Ms. Lauren Counter
Ms. Taymar Cox
Ms. Heather Cracraft
Mr. and Dr. David L. Lain, Ph.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Cameron Cress
Mr. Kevin Crothers
Mr. Jaime Cruz
Ms. Natalie Cruz
Ms. Jessica Dafcik
Ms. Lillia Damiani
Ms. Karen Daniel
Ms. Magdalena Dankowska
Ms. Malgorzata Dankowska
Mr. Adam Dankowski
Ms. Kim Davidson
Ms. Melissa Davis
Ms. Atisha De La Torre
Mr. Kevin DeBacker
Mr. Lucas Delfs
Ms. Susan DelleChiaie
Mr. Ed DeMatteo
Ms. Jamaica DeSantis
Mr. Justin Desmond
Mr. Lucas Dias-Lam
Mr. Tyler Dishaw
Ms. Patricia Disney
Mr. Leo Dittemore
Mr. Zane Dixson
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Doehring
Mr. Rogelio Douglas III
Mr. Matthew Drenner
Ms. Jenna Dresner
Ms. Dawn Eash
Mrs. Jamie Eidlin
Mr. Casey Eidsvold
Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Elliott
Ms. Sarah Elliott
Ms. Hannah-Kalea G. Enriquez
Ms. Emily Epstein
Ms. Sandra Estrada
Ms. Cindy M. Evans
Mrs. Jerrold Fadem
Mr. Benjamin Feldman
Ms. Erica Fernandez
Ms. Paula Filar
Ms. Krystal Flores
The Flores Family
Ms. Thelma Flores
Ms. Leslie Frank
Ms. Paula Frederick
Ms. Allison Frost
Mr. Joseph Gabai
Mr. Jonathan Garcia
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Gardner
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gates
Mr. Stillian Ghaidarov
Mr. and Ms. Daniel S. Goldman
Ms. Jodhi Givhan
Ms. Kelly Gleischman
Mr. Christian Golden
Mr. Adam Goldston
Mr. Antonio Gomez
Ms. Irma Gomez
Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Gordon
Mr. Jacob Graham
Mr. and Mrs. Tyler Gras
Mr. Jeff Gritton
Ms. Lynne Gross
Ms. Courtney Hackbarth
Ms. Jennifer Haig
Mr. Drew Hall
Ms. and Ms. Rachel Steinhardt, Ph.D.
Mr. Brandon Halverson
Mr. Rory Hamersky
Mr. Brent Hamparzoomian
Mr. Raffi Hanenian
Ms. Shannon Hardy
Sheena and Shakya Harish
Ms. Roshone Harmon
Ms. Annie Harnack
Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Harnden
Ms. Eileen Harris
Ms. Kelsey Harrison
Ms. Annmarie Hayashi
Ms. Olya Hayat
Mr. Andrew Hebert
Ms. Samantha Hedrick
Mr. Robert Ellington and Mr. Kurt Heisler
Ms. Jessica Henck
Mr. Alex Hernandez
Ms. Mary Herrera
Ms. Holly Hickish
Ms. Margaret Higgins
Ms. Nancy Higgins
Ms. Tracey Higgins
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Himelsein
Mr. Jeremy Hitchcock
Mr. James Hoffman
Ms. Taryn Hoffmann-Torres
Ms. Dixie L. Holtz
Ms. Carolyn R. Houser
Ms. Tara Hubbard
Ms. Joyce M. Hughes
Mr. Ben Humbert
Mr. and Mrs. Edward D. Hume
Mrs. Robert Humphreys
Mr. Matthew W. Hutchins
Mr. Chukwuka Ilochi
Ms. Tina Mariec Ito
Mr. and Mrs. Burton Jackson
Ms. Keisha M. Jackson-Kennedy
Ms. Sherri Jacobsen
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Jacobson
Ms. Kamel Jammalieh
Ms. Martha L. Jara
Mr. Matthew Jennings
Mr. Michael Johnson and Ms. Taka Olwa
Mr. and Mrs. Shawndi R. Johnson
Ms. Lucy Jones
Ms. Sandra Jones
Ms. Norn Jordan
Ms. Jessica Joseph
Ms. Bri Joy
Mr. Erik Jureack
Mr. Matthew Kaiser
Mr. Kyle Kalma
Ms. Jaehi Kang
Mr. Joshua Kaplan
Ms. Megan Karbowski
Ms. Sheila Kato
Mr. David P. Katz
Ms. Virginia Kawai
Mr. Meisam Kazerani
Mr. Timothy Kelly
Mrs. Amy Kenison
Ms. Erin Keohane
Mr. Ayyaz Khan
Mr. and Mrs. Rashid Khosravi
Ms. Jenni Kimber
Mr. Eric Klein
Ms. Carol Knyal
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Kohl
Ms. Susan Kohl
Ms. Patricia Kong
Ms. Jan Kopic
Mr. Dominic Kracht
Ms. Jennifer Krainman
Mr. Jacob Ksendzov
Mr. David Lacey
Mr. and Mrs. Brett Laddusaw
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Laddusaw
Mr. Wilton Lam
Ms. Haley Land
Mr. Nicholas LaPete
Ms. Sanaz Lavaedian
Mr. Thomas Lawson
Mr. Brandon Lee
Ms. Judith Lee
Ms. Leslie Lee
Mr. Robert Lee
Mrs. and Mr. Susie Lee
Ms. Adey Legesse
Mr. Bruce Leibovitch
Ms. Emily Leibovitch
Mr. and Mrs. James Lem
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Lemek
Mrs. Robert H. Lentz
Mr. Thomas Lombardi
Mr. David London
Ms. Jennifer Long
Mr. Will Lopez
Mr. Richard Lovell
Ms. Heidi Lynn
Ms. Gillian MacDonald
Mr. John Maceri
Mr. Miguel Macias-Chavez
Ms. Kim Madison
Ms. Sandrine Magloire and Mr. Justin Szlasa
Ms. Mila Malden
Mr. and Mrs. Saif Mansour
Ms. Mindy Marburger
Ms. Kimberly Marks
Ms. Denise Martinez
Mr. Jason Martinez
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Massey
Mrs. Kathrina Mawn
Mr. Javier Mayer
Ms. Alex McBride
Ms. Leslie McDermott
Mr. Robert McHugh
Mr. Michael McIntyre
Mr. Philip McKeown
Mr. Lyle McVicar
Mr. Blake Meek
Ms. Beth Mehlberger
Mr. Chet Mehta
Mr. Robert Q. Melendez
Ms. Karla Micalizzi
Ms. Ksenia Michel
Ms. Amy Miller
Ms. Michelle A. Miller
Ms. Elizabeth Mills
Ms. Emily Minko
Mr. Jonathan Miranda
Ms. Shelly Monahan
Ms. Shirley Monge
Ms. Molly Morales
Ms. Rufina Morales
Ms. Mary Moreno
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Mottashed
Mr. Joseph Mueller
Ms. Raluca Muggridge
Mr. Christopher Murphy
Mr. Christopher Myers
Ms. Febbie Napial
Ms. Emily Neai-Proeung
Ms. Kristin Nelson
Ms. Tai Nelson
Mr. Bryan Ngov
Mr. Jordan Nord
Mr. Joseph Novelli
Ms. Amaka Obaze
Mr. Nathan Oliver
Ms. Elisa Oliveras
Ms. Shana Olsen
Mr. Conor O’Neill
Ms. Jennifer Oswald
Ms. Michelle Owens
Mr. Henry Pacheco
Ms. Sarah Palczynski
Ms. Amy Palmer
Ms. Marta Pardo
Ms. Susan Parker
Mr. and Mrs. David S. Parsky
Mr. Ebrahim Parvizshahi
Mr. Mike Patel
Mr. James Patton
Ms. Courtney Paulson
Ms. Celeste Pechous
Ms. Jessica Pekema
Mr. Ken Peltan
Mr. Devin Pence
Ms. Savannah Penner
Mr. Michael Perciballi
Ms. Mayra Perez Reyes
Ms. Courtney Perez
Ms. Jessica Perez
Mr. Steven Perkins
Mr. Aaron Phillips
Ms. Ashley Phillips
Ms. Erica Phillips
Ms. Allison Picou
Mr. Joe Piedrafite
Mr. Niles Pierson
Ms. Erin Pinto
Ms. Blake Pittman
Mr. Rudolph Plata
Mr. and Ms. Charles Pocher
Ms. Pam Postrel
Ms. Diane Pound
Mr. Kevin Prewett
Mr. and Rick Pritchard
Mr. Sean Pritchard
Mrs. Trisha Pritchard
Mr. Mark Pruett
Ms. Grace Qian
Mr. Darius Rafiei
Mr. Lawrence Ramirez
Ms. Riley Rangel
Ms. Sarisa Ransom
Mr. Michael Reed
Mr. and Mrs. Paul B. Renner
Mr. Roberto Reyes
Mrs. Robyn A. Richardson
Ms. Sarah M. Richardson and Mr. Daniel P. Olexa
Ms. Margaret Rist
Mr. Adam Robert
Ms. Nancy Roberts
Mrs. Donna G. Robinson
Dr. and Mrs. Nereido J. Rodriguez
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Roeb
Ms. Abigail Romanul
Mr. Matthew Romcevich
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence S. Rubaum
Mr. Mark S. Rudzik
Mr. Richard Russell
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Ryan
Ms. Debbie Sagorin
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Sall
Mr. Danny Salloum
Mr. Steve Brister and Mr. Carmine Salvucci #
Mr. Lawrence Sanchez
Dr. Marrick E. Sayers, Ph.D.
Ms. Allie Schnapp
Ms. Beverly Schnur
Mr. Martin Schuster
Mrs. Terri Schuster
Ms. Melanie Scotto
Ms. Elizabeth Seares
Ms. Sepa Sete
Mr. Grant Sexton
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Shea
Ms. Lauren Shelby
Mr. Ira L. Shepnick
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy F. Shields
Mr. and Mrs. Ira Siegelman
Ms. Jenny Sjoberg
Mr. Erik Skurka
Ms. Stacey Sloan
Mr. Don Smith
Mr. Trenton Smith
Ms. Julia M. Soler
Ms. Julie Sorotsky
Mr. Gopalarao Sreepad
Mr. Arthur St. Germain
Ms. Jaclyn Stahl
Ms. Katharine Stango
Ms. Kate Stanley
Mr. Dave Stassel
Mr. Malcolm Stewart
Mr. Brandon Stiver
Mr. Brett Struiksma
Mr. Michael Struiksma
Mr. Shea Struiksma
Ms. Cristin Sullivan
Ms. Megan Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs. Kaoruhiko Suzuki
Ms. Danielle Swanson
Ms. Lidia Sykisz
Ms. Margarita Sysenko
Ms. Tiffany Tang
Mr. Ziwei Tang
Mr. Robert Tarjan
Ms. Christine Taylor
Mr. and Ms. Arash Bahmani
Ms. Maureen Telles
Mr. Jonathan Thai
Ms. Jill Thomas
Ms. Kelsey Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. David Thomas
Ms. Tracy Thorne
Ms. Julie Tibbets
Ms. Mary Torres
Mr. Adonis Tountas
Ms. Kimberly Tran
Ms. Renee Triolo
Mr. Albert Trujillo
Mr. and Mrs. Nick Trumbo
Mr. Neil Tyler
Ms. Andrea Vahl
Mr. James A. Vandeveer
Ms. Amy Vaughn
Ms. Rocio Villalobos
Mrs. Caitlin M. Villante
Mr. Kyle Waldrop
Ms. Jennifer Walz
Mr. Jay Ware
Ms. Katie Watson
Ms. Kay Weaver
Ms. Shannon M. Weaver
Mr. Christien West
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Wheatley
Ms. Lauren White
Ms. Kimberly White-Sawczynec
Mrs. Jennifer Whitman
Mr. Andreas Wilke
Mr. James D. Williams
Ms. Pamela Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Blaine Wilson
Mr. Brennan Wise
Ms. Jeanine Wojcik
Mr. Stefan Wolff
Ms. Susan Wood
Ms. Fei Xu
Ms. Yue Yao
Mr. James Yokers
Mr. Ralph W. Young, Jr. and Mrs. Lisa Papalexis Young
Ms. Jean Youngquist
Mr. David Zins
# Member, Kirby Society