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Family Enrichment


The Family Enrichment Programs at Children’s Bureau aim to advance the development and school-readiness of children, as well as improve child-parent relationships. Enroll today to start building a stronger connection with your child and help them meet developmental milestones.

Our Approach

Family Enrichment Program

The goal of the Family Enrichment Program is to advance the development and kindergarten readiness of children 0-3 years of age while developing parents’/caregivers’ education and abilities as their child’s first teacher by:
1) providing a high quality parent/caregiver and child learning environment
2) improving the development of children
3) improving parenting skills, knowledge of child and brain development, building social connections of parents/caregivers.

Program offers bi-weekly classes for parents and children to support and strengthen families.

Family Enrichment Community Program

The Family Enrichment Community Program (FECP) is a volunteer led program whose purpose is to enrich parent and child interaction. Parents who have participated in the center-based family enrichment program are recruited to become Parent Facilitators.

Parent Facilitators undergo a three- month core training covering: Child Development, CPR, Protective Factors, Leadership skills, and Lesson Planning. Additionally, Parent Facilitators also attend ongoing monthly workshops and support meetings.

FECP Groups meet once a week for the duration of two hours. Each group is composed of children ages 0-5 years.

Areas We Serve

For Los Angeles FEP programs, contact:
Claudia Solano – (213) 342-0101

For Antelope Valley FEP program, contact:
Marlynne Hernandez – (661) 289-4237

For Family Enrichment Community Programs, contact:
Marta Morales – (323) 459-3140

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FEP | Los Angeles | Magnolia Place
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FEP | Antelope Valley
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