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More Ideas to Get Started

With every step, workout, or mile make an impact for children. Livestream an at-home workout, yoga session or cardio class and ask for a donation to attend. Challenge your friends to a plank contest or walk a certain number of steps every day for a month.


Schedule a virtual cycle session or ride outdoors on your own time. Participants can track their mileage and request a donation per mile or minutes cycled. Encourage donations for others to ride with you.


Have you been training for a race that has now been cancelled or just want to get in better shape? Here is your motivation! Ask for a donation to participate or ask people to donate to sponsor each lap, half-mile, or mile. You can even get younger participants involved by setting up a relay race at home so that all age groups can participate.


Turn your regular routine into a fundraiser. Whether it is yoga, kickboxing, barre class, weightlifting or cardio, you can add more meaning to your workouts! Stream an online class or encourage people to join you at a certain time. Set an entry fee or encourage a donation per class or session. Ask others to participate with you or donate per calorie burned!

Use these resources to get started!


Fitness Tracking

You can use fitness apps such as Strava or FitnessPal to keep track of your progress. Most phones also have their own tracking systems.

Online Video,,, or Google Meet enables a group video experience. Utilize to share videos. Broadcast real-time video using Facebook Live.


Live stream with,,, or