Festival of the Common Bowl

September 9, 2023
1910 Magnolia Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90007


Children’s Bureau of Southern California presents the inaugural Festival of the Common Bowl!

Our dedication to inclusivity and supporting children and families from all walks of life extends beyond our programs. That’s why our inaugural children’s festival with attractions, games, and entertainment is FREE for children and their families.

Partner with us in bringing this powerful vision to life!

Sponsors and supporters of the festival are partnering from all over Southern California to remove the cost barrier that would prevent many of the children in our community from attending. There are many sponsor and supporter opportunities so that anyone who wants to make a difference is able to.

Proceeds are benefitting Children’s Bureau and our powerful child abuse prevention programs that serve children in Los Angeles and Orange Counties.

If you’re interested in becoming a sponsor or supporter, or have any other questions, please contact us buildhope@all4kids.org

Our Sponsors & Supporters Make The Festival Possible

American Communication Cable & Equipment Inc. | Security Sponsor
AT&T | Playland Sponsor
Anil Desai | Giant Inflatable Slide Supporter
Best Fit Movers | Obstacle Course Supporter
Brian and Ricci Marinoff | Animal Adventureland Sponsor
Ceci & Randy Dean | Giant Inflatable Slide Supporter
City National Bank | Games-4-Kids Sponsor
Eugene and Marilyn Stein Family Foundation | Food & Beverage Sponsor
EY | Animal Adventureland Sponsor
Gallagher Insurance | Playland Sponsor
GHJ | Corporate Supporter
Gibraltar Protection | Corporate Supporter
Gretchen Theodore | Games-4-Kids Supporter
Janie Schulman | Giant Inflatable Slide Supporter
Jim and Jackie Hassett | Fund-a-Family Supporter
Jodilynne Steiner | Games-4-Kids Supporter
MediSpec Inc. | Corporate Supporter
Rexford Industries | Corporate Supporter
Shelli Herman | Petting Zoo Supporter
Tiffany and Boris Beljak | Rock Climbing Wall Supporter
The Coopers | Obstacle Course Supporter

Festival Attractions

The Festival of the Common Bowl features many attractions for children and their families including:

  • Petting Zoo
  • Face Painting
  • Rock Climbing Wall
  • Obstacle Course
  • Festival Games
  • Giant Inflatable Slide
  • Food
  • And opportunities to learn about the services Children’s Bureau offers

Help Support The Festival!