Research & Evaluation


Children’s Bureau’s child development research and evaluation program, ChildStrength, was established to promote organizational learning and build organizational capacity to use research and evaluation findings to inform and improve practice. Research and evaluation activities are conducted to monitor program effectiveness in improving child, parent, family, and community outcomes and building protective factors shown to reduce child abuse and neglect.

Organizational Continuous Quality Improvement

Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) is an on-going process to objectively and systematically review, monitor, evaluate, and improve the quality and appropriateness of Children’s Bureau’s programs and services. As part of this process, our child abuse prevention and treatment programs develop evaluation plans and collect demographic, service implementation, and outcome data. Evaluation findings are included in annual program reports and shared with staff and community stakeholders, program directors and senior management, the Program Policy Committee of our Board of Directors, and our program and funding partners. The purpose of the evaluation component of the CQI process is to monitor client progress, share program improvement, and provide accountability to our stakeholders.

Program Activities

In addition to implementing the evaluation component of the CQI process, the child abuse prevention research and evaluation program:

  • Conducts an annual, organization-wide survey of client satisfaction
  • Steers the organization’s Internal Review Committee that approves and monitors external research and evaluation projects that involve Children’s Bureau’s clients
  • Develops evaluation instruments
  • Collaborates with other organizations to conduct research and evaluation projects and share data, evaluation instruments, and best practices
  • Reviews current research and best practices in Children’s Bureau’s areas of service
  • Disseminates research and evaluation findings
  • Provides research and evaluation services and technical assistance to other organizations that serve children and families


All Children’s Bureau staff contributes to the research and evaluation program by collecting data, providing feedback on evaluation protocols and data collection methods and instruments, and utilizing research and evaluation findings to improve program services.  For more information or to submit research projects, please contact Kathy Reimer, Ph.D., Director of Research and Evaluation, at

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