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Local Writer, Ronna Mandel, Reviews the Latest and Greatest In Children’s Books

Ronna Mandel, AuthorAuthor and mother of two, Ronna Mandel has been reviewing children’s books for over 5 years. She started as an Associate Editor at L.A. Parent where she reviewed children’s books for the magazine’s Book Nook section; however this only allowed her to cover one book a month.  Having very few books of her own growing up, she found herself spending hours at the local library with her own children reading hundreds of stories, including her two favorites Moo, Baa, La La La! and Hippos Go Berserk! By Sandra Boynton, and getting lost in the fantasy world of literature. Now, as a mom to one teenager and one college student, Ronna continues to enjoy reading children’s books just as much if not more than adult novels.

Although she is planning to write her own book someday soon, her passion and interest in children’s stories has inspired her to start writing her own blog, Good Reads with Ronna.  This page has been up and running since 2009 and features everything from interviews with authors and book reviews to promotions for reading-related events and book giveaway opportunities! Good Reads With Ronna targets parents, grandparents, caregivers, teachers, librarians and other writers. In a world full of so much variety and choice, Ronna wants to provide people with a guide to the good stuff. There are plenty of mediocre books getting published so Ronna focuses on those that are of the highest caliber!

Children’s Bureau was introduced to Ronna at a Magnolia Place launch event for the literacy program, “Every Day is a Reading and Writing Day”, a year ago. Ronna was enthused by what we do and eager to get involved. Since then, she has generously donated hundreds of children’s books to our classrooms and family center libraries.

Good Reads With Ronna is an amazing resource for you to find quality story books to read with your child. Reading is a way to learn about the world and exercise your imagination. Children’s books continue to be a source of inspiration for Ronna and these stories can inspire something in your child as well.

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