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FAF Software is a customizable, web-based tool designed to meet all the core needs of family strengthening agencies and their front-line teams:

  • informes sólidos para apoyar la evaluación del programa y las necesidades de los financiadores
  • evaluación integral y confiable del funcionamiento familiar
  • seguimiento de datos demográficos, contactos, sesiones de clientes y referencias
  • planificación de servicios basada en la fuerza y centrada en el cliente

Integrating FAF into family support programs ultimately helps practitioners develop meaningful service plans and agencies to monitor program outcomes more effectively.


Family Assessment Form Research

The FAF assessment tool has been used throughout the US and internationally by child welfare and family service agencies for over 30 years. Changes between pre- and post-test scores have been used to demonstrate program success and inform agency program improvement decisions.

The reliability and validity of the tool has been proven and documented in the following publications:

In addition, the tool has been utilized to measure program efficacy in the following studies:


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