Creating a Safe & Open Home Environment

The need to feel secure and stable at home is important to everyone, but children especially need to feel this. Having a place where they are physically, socially, and emotionally secure is imperative for


Matthew Monzano: The Heart Warrior

Matthew Monzano and Kyle Wirth

This April marks the 33rd anniversary of National Child Abuse Prevention Month. In honor of this month, we would like to share a story written by one of our former interns, Kyle Wirth, about


Hope in a Suitcase

Foster Child with Suitcase

When a child arrives in foster care, due to no fault of their own, they often have to bring whatever belongings they can fit into a plastic trash bag. Many do not have a


The Hero Generation

I am writing to make a plea to YOU. Hundreds, thousands, millions of vulnerable children and their families are not making it. This dooms their futures and places an enormous drag on the rest


November is National Adoption Month

November is National Adoption Month and Children’s Bureau is proud to have completed 1,579 adoptions and we continue to find permanent homes for more than 100 children each year. Here is the story of


5th Annual Financial Empowerment Carnival

Children Bureau hosted the 5th Annual Financial Empowerment Carnival on July, 18 with more than 288 men, women and children attending the event that offered information and resources on financial literacy, banking services and


Burgers, Football and Foster Care

What do burgers, flag football and foster care have in common?  Children’s Bureau.  At least that’s what Jeff Nicosia of Industrious Films thought when he won The Habit Burger Grill Truck in a live auction at


Explaining #TheGreaterShare

Invest In Preventing Child Abuse Ad

Wondering what #TheGreaterShare is all about? If you’ve seen our billboards around town, you’ve probably noticed the hashtag we’re promoting, #TheGreaterShare! With all the buzz it’s generating, we thought we’d do some explaining for you