Danny is a married father with a four year old son. In early 2018, Danny decided to take the bull by the horn and regain his life, after dealing with an alcohol addiction for four years he enrolled into a rehabilitation center. Whist in the rehabilitation center, Danny learned about Children’s Bureau and their Dads Matter Program. “I heard many good things about Dads Matter, so I decided to join”, he said.

In June of 2018, Danny signed up for the Dads Matter eleven week Dads Club. “I am a good father, but I wanted to learn how to be a better father… there is always room for improvement”, he stated. He immediately began immersing himself into the curriculum. Danny openly shared his story about his struggles with alcohol as well as being a father when his own father was absent from his life. During the course, Danny eagerly soaked up as much information the classes and case manager had to offer and in August 2018 graduated both from Dads Matter and the rehabilitation program.

Danny is now living with his wife and son. He is excited to have recently gotten a job and started a fitness regime to support his healthier life style. Danny enjoys spending time with his son looking for creative activities to connect with him. He is taking things one day at a time “not dwelling on the past but reflecting on it”. Danny wants to ensure that his son knows, “I love him” every day. Danny continues fighting his battle not only for himself but also for his family.