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Meet Marta

Marta is a married mother of three children (now ages 21, 15 and 7) and recently became a grandmother. She discovered Children’s Bureau in 2010 thanks to a flyer inviting families to join the library program. It was perfect timing as she was looking for something to do with her second child, Christopher, who was age seven at the time. The two had so much fun that Marta continued to find new ways to get involved at Children’s Bureau. She has participated in the Family Enrichment Community Program, Magnolia Place Preschool, Neighborhood Circle and Choose Health LA and Champions for Change healthy lifestyle programs. She’s also attended family events and activities such as Big Sunday, Taekwondo classes and more.

Furthermore, Marta says that Children’s Bureau helped her to fulfill a lifelong dream of becoming a teacher to children birth to five years old. Through the Family Enrichment Community Program, Marta is now a volunteer facilitator who leads a Mega Kids group, helping other parents navigate the world of raising young children. She is also a data management assistant for the Magnolia Community Initiative.

Marta also says her children have benefited from Children’s Bureau in many ways. Natalia was prepared for kindergarten and easily makes friends, has empathy for her peers and loves school while Christopher has continued his love of arts and crafts. Jasmine, now the mother of her own infant, is involved with the Family Enrichment Community Program, furthering her bond and knowledge in parenting.

“Children’s Bureau has opened many doors for me and my family. I have nothing but gratitude and respect for this organization and the wonderful people I’ve met and worked with along the way,” Marta said.

Marta enjoys giving back to the community as a way of thanking Children’s Bureau and all it does to help families. She also wants other parents to know that they are not alone and encourages them to visit Children’s Bureau for support and help.

“I have gained so much knowledge and know that my life would be different if I had not found Children’s Bureau. It’s like my second home. I love it here,” Marta said with a big smile.

Thanks to Children’s Bureau, I’ve learned a lot about empathy, understanding my children and the importance of getting them involved in activities. I’m also more aware of what my community has to offer.