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Financial Overview

2016/17 Expenses

Agency Expenses*


Private Charitable Support $4,711,342
Contributions In-Kind* $1,357,184
Government Grants & Contracts $26,442,604
Total Program Support $32,511,130
Other Revenue
Rental Income $270,995
Investment Income $1,278,234
Other Income $385,460
Total Other Revenue $1,934,689
Total Revenue $34,445,819

Program Expenses*


Programs and Services
Prevention $10,894,804
Mental Health $10,525,299
Family Foster Care & Adoption $5,633,239
Total Programs and Services Expenses $27,053,342
Support Services
Administration and Community Relations $4,585,598
Fundraising $916,964
Total Support Services Expenses $5,502,562
Total Expenses $32,555,904
Change in Net Assets $1,889,915

An ROI Like No Other

For every dollar spent on prevention, $4 to $9 is saved in future public spending.

The impact is real. We know that parents who participate in our prevention programs:

  • Gain confidence in themselves and their ability to parent;
  • Develop strong social connections and relationships with others in their community;
  • Build their network of support and increase each other's potential to be a positive force in their families and their neighborhoods.