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Expanding Our Reach

In 2017, YOU rallied for the cause by supporting Children's Bureau's various events, teams and professional networks.
Thank you for helping us raise nearly $3.9 million in private dollars that directly supported our prevention efforts.

Expanding Our Reach

Left to right: Celebrity Chefs & Wine Tasting – Sarah Geana and Julia Stewart; Team all4kids – Annabelle Williams, Mike Reynolds and Lily Li; President’s Invitational Golf Tournament – Jim Marasco, Casey Winters, Steve Moore; Young Professionals – Eugene Bang (Los Angeles) and Jaclyn Stahl (Orange County); The Angelic Auxiliary Carnival at the Pier – Jennifer Slator, Amy De Monet, Kathy Outcalt, Trisha McClung, Allison Massey; The League for Children – Lara Ladd and Holly Hicks; Children’s Bureau Summer Soirée – Lori Irving and Kevin Prewett; Vice Chairmen’s Golf Event – Jake Bobek and Jim Beaubien

In supporting Children’s Bureau, I am able to help build a better and safer world for children and their families, so that future generations may have the opportunities that they deserve.

Annabelle Williams, Member, Young Professionals & Team all4kids