Share of Abundance
An Abundance of Opportunity
Alex Morales

As Children's Bureau celebrates a rich history of 111 years your support is helping us to continue and evolve our mission as one of the largest investors in child abuse prevention nationwide. Share of Abundance reflects the many efforts and opportunities that have been made possible with your help.

What we accomplished this year is best illustrated through the stories of parents and children who have walked through our doors. In this report, you'll meet Karina, Denes, Yobani, Carmina and Ana. They all have faced numerous challenges but changed their lives through Children's Bureau. More importantly, each life story continues to grow beyond the services and programs we offered. They have become ambassadors of our work and share their knowledge to inspire and help others in their community. This is prevention at its best and why Children's Bureau continues to advocate for public and private entities to invest in the early years.

In 2015, we finished year one of our two-year commitment to accelerate the success of the Magnolia Community Initiative (MCI) by creating community-level change through two key efforts: our reading program and Belong community campaign. MCI also launched the pilot of a web-based linkage and referral system that is now being used by a dozen other organizations. In October 2015, we received our first national government grant to fund Dads Matter, a program that will be implemented in Orange County starting in July 2016. Furthermore, we proudly received national accreditation through the New York-based Council on Accreditation, recognizing Children's Bureau's implementation of best practice standards in the field of human services.

How are we able to create an abundance of opportunity? Because of you. We're grateful to each and every one of you for embracing the complex challenges of preventing child abuse. It's a journey that will change future generations for the better.

Alex Morales' signature

Alex Morales, President & CEO, Children's Bureau

You helped Children's Bureau reach more than 30,000 vulnerable children and their parents through 17 community sites.
Somebody Cares

Our prevention efforts grew with the addition of the Antelope Valley Welcome Baby Program, a voluntary hospital and home-based intervention for pregnant and postpartum women. The success of the program is measured through increased breastfeeding rates among mothers, the ability to link families to available community resources, educating parents on child development milestones and the overall well-being of children and families.

"It was a real stress reliever because a lot had happened during my pregnancy," says Carmina, who completed the program earlier this year. "I had lost my mother the day before my baby was born, so it was an emotional thing."

Carmina says, "I think it's a really good program because it's helping mothers young and old. There's a myth that 'mothers know everything' and they don't forget, but we do forget. Being able to be part of this program helped me to see that it's okay to ask questions and to call somebody up to ask for help."

Ultimately Carmina got more out of the program than she expected. In addition to vital emotional support, the Welcome Baby program helped her learn new concepts about labor, delivery and infant development. She also received assistance with immunizations and food bank aid. Most of all, she appreciated the ability to talk with a Parent Coach about any concerns that came up during her pregnancy and the first nine months after the birth of her baby.

"One of the biggest ways the program has impacted me is knowing that I have somebody there that cares about my well-being, the baby's well-being and the family also," Carmina says. "That's something that's really appreciated in this day and time."

Welcome Baby provided 287 new mothers with vital information about bonding and caring for their babies.
Understanding Each Other

When Denes and Yobani discovered Children's Bureau, they were on the brink of separation. Their first son was six years old and Denes was pregnant with their second. Then the couple had a stroke of luck. While attending another program at Anaheim Harbor Family Resource Center, Denes discovered a 16-week Children's Bureau couples group that focused on strengthening family relationships and enhancing fathers' active positive engagement in the lives of their children.

"It was a really great program because we were able to connect with each other again and pinpoint the problems that were affecting our relationship," Denes says. "It allowed us to open up on another level, and we were able to talk about stuff that we hadn't talked about in a really long time."

Group facilitators led activities that included topics such as strengthening self-esteem, co-parenting, social support, and parent-child relationships. A cohesive group of ten couples gathered weekly to listen, share and support each other. After the couples group, Yobani went on to participate in a program for fathers.

"I grew up without a dad," Yobani recalls. "I could see my son suffering and never wanted him to go through what I did, but I was a young dad and struggled. I was selfish. The parenting classes have helped me to connect with my 7-year-old son. He's happy now. I help with homework. We have son-dad time. We know each other now. I wouldn't be here now if I hadn't found Children's Bureau."

Children's Bureau has also strengthened Denes and Yobani's relationship by helping them resolve their differences constructively, teaching them budgeting skills, and encouraging more togetherness as a couple and a family.

"All in all, both programs were really great and they came into our lives at the perfect time," Denes says. "Children's Bureau helped us keep our family together."

When the couples group ended, the participants decided to continue meeting with each other outside of Children's Bureau. They have now supported each other for more than a year in strengthening their relationships and families.
Inspriting Hope

Sometimes a great program does more than change a life; it inspires someone to help change the lives of others. That's exactly what happened to Karina when she joined the Family Enrichment Program with her two-year-old son in 2013.

"When I started coming to Children's Bureau as a parent I was very isolated," Karina recalls. "It was just my son and me. We did everything together, but everything was inside the house or maybe at the park. I wouldn't go out, I didn't have any friends that had children, and my son didn't have any friends."

When Karina saw the difference the program was making in her son, it started making a difference for her as well. She started socializing more with other group members, learning how to be a better parent, and gaining a clearer understanding of her own challenges. She quickly discovered that she wasn't alone — many other parents in the group were dealing with issues and problems similar to her own.

The experience was so transformative that within six months Karina volunteered to be trained to lead a group of her own out in the community. "I decided to be a facilitator so that I could lead my own group of parents and see if I would be able to make an impact the same way that the program had made an impact on me," Karina says.

Karina gave birth to her daughter just before her training began, but she persevered with her infant at her side.

"I've been facilitating my own group for about a year now," Karina says. "It's been rewarding in ways that I never imagined. It's not a physical reward, but it makes me feel good."

Karina's group meets at the Children's Bureau library, with occasional special days at a park or museum. Regular themes include colors, numbers, letters and feelings. Her group also features a themed calendar each month, such as Hispanic heritage, Pacific Asian heritage or disability awareness. In addition to running her own group, Karina continues to participate in the program with her daughter. "I've grown so much as a parent," she says. "The way that I speak to my daughter is much different from what I did with my son because I've learned so much more."

The Family Enrichment Program now boasts 16 parent led groups in the community, expanding our reach to hundreds of parents and children beyond the walls of Children's Bureau.
Breakthrough Thinking

We've made great strides in our work with the Magnolia Community Initiative (MCI). In 2015, we completed the first year of focused efforts to accelerate parental reading and foster social connections within a 23-block segment of MCI's catchment area in Los Angeles. We've also streamlined how we work with the Initiative's partners, encouraging them to interact and incorporate what they learn into their own organizations.

Family reading routines are a top priority because early literacy success is directly related to school success. More than 300 families are now participating and every family reports reading to their kids at least one or more days a week. Median daily reading rates have increased from 15 percent to 35 percent.

We also launched an effort to expand social connections within the MCI community. Using what we are calling Belong Neighbor Circles, our staff has been supporting residents who invite their neighbors to work together to strengthen the neighborhood. The Circles are strengthening connections, building trust and developing new leaders who will ultimately help us to replicate the model. We also launched our own web-based referral and tracking system that simplifies referrals and service follow-up within the Magnolia Network. We're hoping to have nearly half of the Network service providers using the system by the end of 2016.

Children's Bureau was invited by the Orange County Children and Families Commission and the Orange County Community Foundation to share learning from MCI with the City of Anaheim, resulting in the creation of Network Anaheim.
You Are Not Alone

This past summer our Foster Care and Adoption Assistants had the pleasure of working with Ana, a high school student intern. She provided much-needed help creating files for new prospective families, scanning paperwork, creating electronic files, and preparing binders for pre-service training. But her most valuable contribution was something much greater: an insider's perspective.

Ana knows firsthand what it's like to be a child without a family. Her journey in foster care began when she was four years old. Her family came to the attention of social services after a neighbor reported that Ana and her three siblings were being mistreated. Both parents abused drugs and did not know how to care for the children.

Ana and her siblings were placed in eight foster homes before they were able to connect with Children's Bureau, enduring physical abuse in addition to fears of separation from her siblings and worries over whether they would ever find a permanent home. While Children's Bureau eventually helped Ana and her three siblings to be adopted into a loving home, her experiences have encouraged her to advocate for greater tolerance and understanding for kids in search of a family.

Ana spent part of her internship speaking with participants in Children's Bureau's Adoption Promotion and Support Services program, sharing her story and discussing how she overcame negative feelings about being adopted. The most important things kids need to know, she urges, is that everything will eventually be all right and that it's okay to speak up.

"It's hard thinking about when you will be adopted," Ana says. "Don't think you are alone. It's always better to talk about the situation than keeping it inside. Also, if you are adopted, you should not feel ashamed at all. You should feel special because you got to pick your parents and they chose you because they love you."

Ana is passionate about the need to keep family members together, both before and after adoption. "It's very important to be raised with your siblings because being in that situation of already losing your birth parents, you need at least someone by your side," she says. "Going through that transition of growing up without your siblings can be very hard. The child can go through emotional problems. If I hadn't had my siblings by my side, I would have been constantly wondering about their safety and if I was ever going to see them again."

Children's Bureau has more than 200 resource families that provide loving, stable and supportive homes to vulnerable children.
Our Reach

With 92 percent of the families we serve living at or below the poverty level, the stressors being faced are overwhelming. Our approach focuses on four key areas known to strengthen families: nurturing parenting, school readiness, good health and financial stability. For those already harmed, our quality treatment programs provide healing and caring support. Here's a snapshot of a few successes thanks to your support:


100adoptions finalized

Foster Homes

362children placed with loving foster homes

Academic Success

600young children and their parents prepared for kindergarten and future academic success


3,000parents guided on child development and bonding through our NuParent program

Family Resources

5,000individuals provided with skills, resources and support through family resources centers

Home Visits

7,000home visits to 700 at-risk families with young children in Orange County in need of parent education and services


12,000families strengthened using the Family Assessment Software in home-visiting programs in 4 U.S. states and Canada

Mental Health

85,000hours of mental health therapy and counseling provided to children who were abused and to families in need of professional help

Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation

"The Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation is proud to support Children's Bureau as an organization that is making a true difference right here in the local community. Children's Bureau's innovative and encompassing programs extend beyond one child or family, but rather help build a strengthened and caring community. IICF is proud to partner with Children's Bureau in helping children across Southern California succeed."

Melissa-Ann Duncan
Executive Director, Western Division
Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation

For every $1 spent on prevention, $4 to $9 is saved in future public spending.
New Endeavors

In 2015, Children's Bureau hosted or participated in a variety of family, volunteer and community events across Los Angeles and Orange County. We also launched two outreach endeavors: Young Professionals Orange County and Team all4kids. Young Professionals offers a networking forum for those interested in expanding their business circles while also giving back to the community. The group continues to gain momentum and fostered the formation of a Young Professionals Los Angeles group that is starting in Spring 2016. Team all4kids was created to expand Children's Bureau's fundraising opportunities and started with runDisney in September 2015 where 20 runners raised $15,000 for Children's Bureau.

L to R: 1) Big Sunday Bookv Fair; 2) Jiffy Lube Thanksgiving Party; 3) Young Professionals Orange County; 4) Magnolia Place Toy Boutique; 5) Mariners Church - Huntington Beach Adopt a Family Event; 6) Farmers Insurance Family Event; 7) Team all4kids; 8) QBE's Orange County Toy Shoppe; 9) One OC's Spirit of Volunteerism Awards; 10) #Unselfie Campaign; 11) Young Presidents' Organization; 12) Calvary Christian School Volunteer Day.

Leading With Heart

Board of Directors


Julia Stewart
DineEquity, Inc.

Vice Chairs

Juan Alfonso

Michael S. Burke

John Durrant
Paul Hastings

Charles K. Marquis
Civic Leader

Ana Valdez
The 650 Company

Hope Wintner
Civic Leader


Neal Aton
Private Equity/M&A and Strategic Consulting


Carrie Tilton
Civic Leader


Alan Berkes
Positive Coaching Alliance

Mark Carlin
Lockton Insurance Brokers, Inc.

A. Redmond Doms
Redmond Doms Company

B. James Ford
Oaktree Capital Management, L.P.

Michael J. Fourticq, Sr.
Hancock Park Associates

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Bonk Breaker, LLC

Gina Guerra
Civic Leader

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Bain & Company, Inc.

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Capital World Investors

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Cross MediaWorks

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Mark C. Lemons Foundation

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Richard Magnuson
Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors

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Civic Leader

Sandra V. Naftzger
The Vickers Group
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Hector Orci

David Pittman
Union Bank

Marilyn "Mindy" Stein
Tikun Olam Foundation

Board of Trustees


Matthew Wilson
Oaktree Capital Management, L.P.

Vice Chairs

O. Jacob Bobek
Avison Young

Shelli Herman
Shelli Herman & Associates

Bradley D. Knyal
Wireless Capital Partners, LLC


Randy Bort
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Kenneth Baronsky
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Orange County Board of Trustees


David Madison
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Paul Feuerborn
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Jeffrey Fields
Windes Inc.

Richard Flanagan
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Lori Irving
QBE North America

Keven J. Yue
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2015/2016 Newly Elected Leadership

Board of Directors

Pat Niemann
Ernst & Young

Board of Trustees

Matt Clark

Kris Galashan
Leonard Green & Partners

Steven Moore
Brentwood Associates

David Nemecek
Kirkland & Ellis LLP

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City National Bank

Orange County Board of Trustees

Kevin Prewett
Ingram Micro, Inc

Gina Primeaux
Deloitte & Touche LLP

Steven Luminelli
The Capital Group Companies, Inc.

Staff Leadership

Alex Morales, L.C.S.W.
President & CEO

Ron E. Brown, M.B.A.
Chief Program Officer

Sona Chandwani, M.B.A.
Chief Financial Officer

Richard Ledwin
Chief Human Resources Officer

Jacqueline A. Meek, C.P.A.
Chief Development Officer

100% of Children's Bureau's directors and trustees made a personal financial contribution to the organization.
Financial Overview


Children's Bureau Foundation and Other
    Private Charitable Support $  2,905,462
    Contributions In-Kind*     1,513,310
Government Grants & Contracts     24,886,443
Total Program Support $  29,305,215
Other Revenue
    Debt Forgiveness $  7,687,263
    Rental Income     307,084
    Interest Income     227,483
    Investment Income     68,803
    Other Income     238,739
Total Other Revenue $  8,529,372
Total Revenue $  37,834,587

*Donated outdoor awareness campaign and legal services


Programs and Services
    Prevention $  11,530,022
    Mental Health $  9,897,198
    4,740,110 $  4,740,110
Total Programs and Services Expenses $  26,167,330
Support Services
    Administration and Community Relations $  5,513,557
    Fundraising $  835,028
Total Support Services Expenses $  6,348,585
Total Expenses $  32,515,915
Change in Net Assets $  5,318,672

Children's Bureau audited financial statements available upon request by calling 213.342.0145.


Agency Expenses


Program Expenses

*Agency expenses exclude one-time cost associated with closing of New Market Tax Credit

Our Investors

We greatly appreciate the generous support of those individuals, corporations and foundations that made vulnerable children a priority in their charitable giving and philanthropic goals. Thank you for being part of #TheGreaterShare.

This Honor Roll reflects gifts made during the 2014/2015 fiscal year. For a current list of donors, please visit our website at


Patrons ($50,000 - $99,999) Mr. and Mrs. Mark Carlin * • Mr. and Mrs Charles K. Marquis * Colleagues ($25,000 - $49,999) Ambassador and Mrs. Glen A. Holden • Mr. and Mrs. Eugene P. Stein * • Sponsors ($10,000 - $24,999) Mr. and Mrs. Timothy D. Armour * • Mr. and Mrs. David C. Brown, Jr. * • Mr. and Mrs. Earl S. Enzer * • Mr. and Mrs. Damon R. Fisher * • Mr. and Mrs. B. James Ford * • Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Fourticq, Sr. * • Mr. and Mrs. Michael Fourticq, Jr. * • Mr. and Mrs. Scott Graves * • Mr. and Mrs. Douglas M. Hayes * • Mrs. Shelli Herman and Dr. Stewart Gleischman * • Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Hindshaw * • Mr. and Mrs. Martin Jacobs * • Mr. David Keller * • Mr. and Mrs. Jordon L. Kruse * • Mr. and Mrs. Mark C. Lemons * • Mr. and Mrs. John W. Linfesty • Mr. Richard R. Magnuson, Jr. * • Mr. and Mrs. Jay Markowitz * • Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Masuda * • Ms. Sandra Naftzger * • Mr. and Mrs. Keith W. Renken * • Mr. and Mrs. Bryant Riley • Ms. Keitha M. Russell • Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Sawyer • Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Sinkys • Mr. Clinton R. Stevenson, Jr. * • Ms. Julia Stewart and Mr. Tim Ortman * • Ms. Frances Sweeney * • Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Tilton * • Mr. and Mrs. Matthew C. Wilson * Partners ($5,000 - $9,999) Mrs. Robert Anderson • Mr. and Mrs. O. Jacob Bobek * • Mr. and Mrs. Wallace W. Booth • Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Brown • Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Burke * • Ms. Stephanie Campbell * • Ms. Christine C. Cronin-Hurst and Mr. Mark Hurst * • Ms. Melina Davies • Mr. and Mrs. A. Redmond Doms * • Mr. and Mrs. Rich Flisher • Mr. Daniel T. Flynn and Mrs. Emily Crean Vogler • Ms. Linda S. Garrison* • Mr. Gregg Goldfarb • Dr. and Mrs. Donald A. Hicks • Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Hutnick * • Mr. Michael R. Keller * • Mr. and Mrs. Bradley D. Knyal * • Mr. and Mrs. Wayne L. Knyal • Mr. Roger M. Laverty, III * • Mr. and Mrs. John M. Leonis • Mr. and Mrs. Hasham Mukadam * • Mr. Jason Netter • Mr. and Mrs. Hector Orci * • Mr. and Mrs. Matthew V. P. Pauley * • Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ronus * • Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ruffatto • Mr. Jarred Saba • Ms. Janie Schulman and Mr. John Caragozian * • Ms. Susan Stephan • Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Traylor * • Mr. and Mrs. D. Michael Van Konynenburg • Ms. Hope Wintner and Mr. Ted Meisel * • Mr. Scott B. Witter * Companions ($2,500 - $4,999) Mr. and Mrs. Juan J. Alfonso * • Mr. and Mrs. William Anton • Mr. and Mrs. Henry Arklin • Mr. Joe Aschbacher • Ambassador and Mrs. Frank Baxter * • Mr. Gregory Bever • Mr. and Mrs. Tim Bixler • Mr. and Mrs. Bryan P. Boghosian * • Mr. and Mrs. Russell Brammer * • Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Brown * • Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Casarella * • Mrs. Stuart Davis • Mr. and Mrs. Adam D. Duncan * • Mr. and Mrs. John S. Durrant * • Mr. Jeffrey S. Fields * • Mr. and Mrs. J. Kristofer Galashan • Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. Gibello, Sr. * • Mr. and Mrs. John Giumarra, Jr. • Mr. and Mrs. William Glass • Mr. and Mrs. Rodrigo A. Guerra, Jr. * • Mr. and Mrs. David H. Hannah * • Mr. and Mrs. James Hassett • Mr. and Mrs. Michael O. Johnson • Mrs. R. Theodore Leaver • Mr. and Mrs. David J. Losito * • Mr. Ernest S. Lyons • Mr. and Mrs. James Marasco * • Mr. and Mrs. Alex B. Morales * • Mr. and Mrs. Richard Nahas • Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Nicosia • Mr. and Mrs. Elliott Nohalty * • Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Nolan • Mrs. Rosanne O'Brien • Mr. Moose Moravec and Ms. Anne Osberg • Mr. and Mrs. Joshua A. Pack • Mrs. Roland Peterson • Mr. and Mrs. Adam C. Pierce * • Mr. and Mrs. John Reimer * • Mr. Steven R. Shoemate • Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Skouras, Jr. • Mr. and Mrs. W. Clark Smith • Mrs. Robert E. Towne • Mr. William Tsai • Mr. and Mrs. Roger Wacker • Mr. Hal Washburn * • Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wuchenich • Mr. Brett G. Wyard • Mr. Christopher Zurn Friends ($1,000 - $2,499) One Anonymous Donor * • Mr. and Mrs. Anthony K. Anderson • Mr. and Mrs. Mark Attanasio • Mr. and Mrs. John Babcock • Mr. and Mrs. Dan Bachmann * • Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Barnes • Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Baronsky* • Ms. Lisa Bass • Mr. and Mrs. Richard Battista • Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence O. Baum, Jr. • Mr. and Mrs. James Beaubien • Mr. and Mrs. Boris Beljak • Mrs. John Beradino • Mr. and Mrs. Alan Berkes * • Mr. and Mrs. Randall L. Bort * • Mr. and Mrs. Harold T. Bowling • Ms. Dolores Bozovic • Mrs. Rhonda Fleming Carlson and Mr. Darol Carlson • Mr. and Mrs. Marc A. Caruso • Mrs. Helen L. Casriel * • Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Chirba * • Mr. Randy Churchill • Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Collins • Mr. and Mrs. Peter Corbell • Mr. Steven Cox and Ms. Jennifer King * • Mrs. Frank L. Crowley * • Ms. Emily Curtin • Mr. Matt Cwiertnia • Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Dahl • Mr. and Mrs. John W. Daniels • Mrs. Hal David • Mr. J. Gregory Davis • Mr. and Mrs. Randall J. Dean * • Mr. and Mrs. E. Michael DeSantis • Mrs. Howard Deshong • Mr. Dan Doke • Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Emrey • Mrs. Jerrold Fadem • Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Fama • Mr. David Feldman • Mr. and Mrs. Todd Ferrier • Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Feuerborn * • Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Flanagan * • Mr. and Mrs. Christopher M. Frank * • Ms. Leslie Frank • Mr. and Mrs. Joel Freedman * • Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gates • Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Gene • Mr. and Mrs. John Gillespie • Mr. Richard J. Goldstein • Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gott • Mr. and Mrs. Elias Habayeb • Mr. Alexander Haller • Ms. Lynette Hayde • Mr. and Mrs. William M. Hendry • Mr. and Mrs. Sam Hernandez • Mr. and Mrs. Ken Hicks • Mr. and Mrs. William Hiestand • Mr. Rusty Hill • Mr. Paul Hoffman • Mr. Charles Hogan * • Mr. Philip A. Homme • Ms. Emily Hull * • Mrs. Robert Humphreys • Ms. Lori A. Irving * • Mr. and Mrs. Kevin P. Joyce • Mr. Mark R. Justice • Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Kadenacy • Ms. Diane Kooken Mechaley * • Mr. and Mrs. Todd E. Lewis • Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Litzinger • Mr. Christopher Lovrien * • Mr. and Mrs. William D. Lowe • Mr. and Mrs. David C. Madison * • Mr. and Mrs. Richard K. Mahan • Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Marguleas • Mr. and Mrs. Brian Massey • Mr. and Mrs. Stuart McCarroll • Mr. Franklin Kostlan and Mrs. Kathleen McCarthy * • Mr. and Mrs. Michael McRoskey • Mr. and Mrs. John K. Merkin • Mr. James Mesterharm • Ms. Brenda Miyamoto • Mr. Gregg Mollins • Mr. Steven Moore • Mr. Christopher Murphy • Mr. and Mrs. David Nemecek • Mr. and Mrs. John Nickoll • Mr. Jim Nielsen • Ms. Nadia Olstad • Mr. and Mrs. Gerald H. Oppenheimer • Mr. and Mrs. Greg Outcalt • Mrs. Bill A. Papalexis • Mrs. Marty Pasetta • Mrs. Frank P. Pekny * • Mr. David J. Pittman * • Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Primeaux • Mr. and Mrs. Anthony N. Pritzker • Ms. Amy Ross-Heimann • Mr. Paul Rothbard • Mr. and Mrs. Scott Rowe • Mr. David O. Schumacher and Mrs. Yvonne Hsieh-Schumacher • Mr. and Mrs. David Segel • Mr. and Mrs. James W. Shea • Mr. William Blanks and Mrs. Joan Sherwood • Mr. Michael Sims • Ms. Jennifer Slator • Mrs. Jack C. Smith • Mr. and Mrs. Kunal Soni • Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Stutts * • Mr. and Mrs. Jay Tallon • Mr. and Mrs. Steven Thomas • Mr. and Mrs. John Tomlinson * • Ms. Gina Trofa • Mr. and Mrs. Clarice Turner • Mr. Nikhil Vasa • Mr. James Walther and Dr. Robin Walther * • Mr. and Mrs. W. Brett White • Dr. Arthur H. Williams • Mr. and Mrs. Richard Williams • Ms. Waltraud E. Woolf Supporters ($500 - $999) One Anonymous Donor • Mr. and Mrs. Charles Adams • Mr. Grant Ahearn • Mr. and Mrs. Michael Akahoshi • Ms. Amy Alcott • Dr. and Mrs. Brian C. Alessini • Mr. and Mrs. Murray Allen • Mr. Richard Alonso • Ms. Donna Tohidi Anderson • Mr. and Mrs. Neal R. Aton * • Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Auger-Dominguez • Mr. and Mrs. Russell Ayers • Ms. Elena Baca and Ms. Sydney Herwer-Baca • Mr. Peter Lavin and Mr. Jeffrey Bagley * • Mrs. Ned Bailey • Mr. George Barton • Mr. and Mrs. Eric Bauer • Mr. and Mrs. Jordan Bauer • Mr. and Mrs. Russell Bendel • Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Bermingham • Ms. Cydney Bernard • Ms. Susan Blaisdell • Mr. and Mrs. Garrett Q. Bland • Ms. Patricia Bowie * • Mr. and Mrs. Evan Brau • Mrs. Cecil B. Brown • Mr. James C. Burnap • Mr. and Mrs. Frank Campbell • Ms. Joan M. Canzone • Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Capuano • Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Carnell • Ms. Sona S. Chandwani * • Mr. George Chappelle • Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Chin • Mr. Benjamin E. Clark * • Mr. Byron Clark and Mrs. Eleanor Vallee Clark • Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey H. Cohen • Mr. and Mrs. James Conlon • Dr. Cheryl M. Craft • Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Crowley • Mr. Kevin P. Cummings • Mr. and Mrs. James Dalton • Ms. Silvana D'Anna • Mr. Daniel Del Olmo • Ms. Mae DelaBarre • Mr. Mark Derby • Mr. and Mrs. Douglas S. Ewing • Mrs. Sally L. Feathers • Mr. and Mrs. Sean C. Feller • Mr. and Mrs. Rick Foker • Mrs. Harold J. Fouts • Ms. Jewel A. Gardner • Dr. Warren Garner and Mrs. Vicki Marx • Ms. Nancy Giltner • Ms. Susan D. Glickman * • Mr. and Mrs. Paul Godby • Ms. Beth Goldfarb • Mr. and Mrs. Frank Greco • Mr. Anthony Guagliano • Ms. Lila Guirguis * • Mr. Spencer Hart • Mr. and Mrs. David H. Hawkins • Mr. and Mrs. Mike Hazen • Mr. Christopher A. Higgins • Mr. Mark Hirabayashi • Mr. and Mrs. Gerben Hoeksma • Mr. Jim Hoffman • Mrs. Eugene H. Hoffman • Mr. and Mrs. John Jakubek • Mr. James Jeffries • Mr. and Mrs. W. Edgar Jessup, Jr. • Mr. Guy Johnson • Mr. and Mrs. Arne Kalm • Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kazanjian • Mr. and Mrs. Adam Keefe • Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kennedy • Mr. Reuben Klamer • Mr. and Mrs. Robert Klein • Ms. Audrey B. Kolina • Ms. Jan Kopic • Mr. and Mrs. Marc Krigsman * • Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Kroener, Jr. • Mrs. Howard Ladd • Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan K. Layne • Mr. Michael Le • Dr. and Mrs. Samuel S. Lee • Mr. and Mrs. Brent Levonian • Mr. Jack Levy • Dr. Betsy Leland Link • Mr. and Mrs. Art Hershey • Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Lomis • Ms. Susana A. Luna * • Mr. and Mrs. David Lund • Mr. and Mrs. Steve MacDonald • Mr. Michael Mackiewicz • Mr. Shawn Malleck • Mrs. Henry Mancini • Mr. Steven R. Marshall • Mr. and Mrs. Andrew McGinnis • Mr. and Mrs. Matthew McGinnis • Mrs. William E. McKenna • Mr. and Mrs. Stuart McLean • Mr. John Meadows • Mr. and Mrs. Dana Messina • Mr. Michael Maguire • Mr. Andrew G. Miller • Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Miller, Jr. * • Mr. Shon Morgan • Mr. John Morris • Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Newman • Ms. Trudy E. Nuzum • Mr. and Mrs. Matthew O'Connor • Mr. and Mrs. Andreas Olavarria • Mr. and Mrs. A.F. Osterloh, III • Mr. David Ostiguy • Mr. Sean Ozbolt • Ms. Patricia Paquette • Ms. Lillian Ponce De Leon • Mr. Jeffrey Ponko • Mr. Kevin Prewett • Ms. Cindy S. Quane * • Mr. and Mrs. Nav Rahemtulla • Mr. Jose A. Ramos, Jr. • Mr. and Mrs. Arthur H. 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Manclark • Mr. and Mrs. Spencer McClung • Ms. Rebecca Miller • Ms. Colleen Mintzer • Mr. and Mrs. Lester Miyoshi • Mr. and Mrs. William Mokas • Mr. and Mrs. David Montalba • Mr. and Mrs. James W. Montgomery • Ms. Joanna Moore • Mr. David Morales • Ms. Jan Muela • Ms. Kathryn Naficy • Ms. Vida Negrete • Ms. Shannon Newell • Ms. Paula Nolls * • Mr. and Mrs. Bill O'Brien * • Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Pacific • Mr. Wes Parker, III • Mr. and Mrs. David S. Parsky • Mr. Randy Paulson and Mrs. Teresa Battaglia • Mr. Robert W. Perrin • Ms. Mariko Plumlee • Mr. and Mrs. Peter Poulson * • Mr. Andrew Pressman • Ms. Melissa Quilici • Mr. Greg Range • Ms. Karen Reckamp • Mr. and Mrs. Steve Reischl • Mr. and Mrs. Mike Revell • Mr. Rick and Marvin Ring • Ms. Lauralynn Rogers and Mr. William Haefliger • Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. Rosenbaum • Mr. and Mrs. John Routh • Mr. and Mrs. Chip Russo • Mr. Bill Sales • Ms. Heather C. Seiniger • Mr. Zach Serebrenik • Mr. and Mrs. Ross Shanberg • Mr. William J. Sind • Mr. Will Smith • Mrs. Amy Sommer and Mr. James Childress • Mr. Antonius Somoza • Mr. and Mrs. Steven B. Stokdyk • Ms. Yeong Suh • Mr. and Mrs. David Taub • Mr. and Mrs. Mark Theodore • Mr. and Mrs. David Thomas • Mr. Jeff Thomas • Ms. Mary T. Tran • Mr. and Mrs. Peter Trepp • Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Turk • Mr. James Vandeveer * • Dr. and Mrs. Louis J. Volpicelli • Mr. and Mrs. David Waddell * • Ms. Dierdre Wallace • Mr. and Mrs. Chris Washington • Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wentzel • Mr. and Mrs. John C. Westwater * • Mr. Bryan T. Whalen and Dr. Corinn Cross • Mr. and Mrs. Sean T. Wheeler • Mr. Jason C. Winget and Mrs. Brande L. Davis-Winget • Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Winograd • Ms. Kelli L. Wirth • Mr. and Mrs. Larry Witherspoon • Ms. Vivienne Wright • Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wulf • Ms. Hilary Wynperle • Mr. and Mrs. Keven J. Yue * • Mr. David A. Zaheer • Mr. Brian Zaumeyer Investors (below $250) Ms. Stefanie Aguilar • Mr. Arthur Ajemyan • Mr. Scott Akamine • Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Alexander • Ms. Avelina Alvarez • Ms. Rosa M. Alvarez * • Mr. Raul Anaya • Mr. Christopher Apodaca • The Appelbaum-Schwartz Family • Mr. and Mrs. Brian Arial • Ms. Rouzheen Arianpour • Ms. Margret Arnold • Ms. Laura Bachman • Mr. Doug Baron • Ms. Penny Barr • Mr. Benedick Bates and Mrs. Claudia Santorelli-Bates • Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Becker • Mr. and Mrs. Trevor Belden • Mr. Bobby Benfield * • Mr. and Mrs. Steven Berman • Mr. Matthew Better • Mr. and Mrs. Gary Bishop • Mr. and Mrs. Tom Bjerkreim • Mr. Graham Black • Mr. and Mrs. Brian Bleak • Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Bogert • Mr. and Mrs. Howard Booker • Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Boomhower • Mr. and Mrs. Gene Bougdanos • Mr. and Mrs. John D. Bradley • Ms. Catherine S. Brammer • Ms. Rhonda Brauer • Ms. Valerie Brauks • Mr. and Mrs. Brett Brewer • Mr. David Briggs • Mr. Ivan Garel-Jones and Ms. Kate Briscoe • Mr. Paul Bronzo • Ms. Kelli Brooks • Mr. Matthew Brosamer and Mrs. Bianca C. Ryan • Ms. Roberta Brundige • Mr. and Mrs. William J. 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Davis • Ms. Michelle Day • Ms. Guadalupe De La Cruz • Mr. Nick De Prez • Mr. Jonathan Dearing • Mr. and Mrs. Bryon Devine • Mr. Jeffrey Diercksmeier • Mr. and Mrs. John Dietsch • Mr. Steve DiRocco • Mr. and Mrs. Jessie Do • Mr. Daniel Domonoske * • Ms. Lori Donohue • Mr. and Mrs. James B. Downie • Mr. and Mrs. Paul Drenning • Mr. and Mrs. James B. Downie • Mr. and Mrs. Paul Drenning • Mr. and Mrs. Keenan E. Driscoll • Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dubin-Davis • Mr. and Mrs. William G. Edwards • Mr. and Mrs. Greg Ehlers • Ms. Barbara M. Eidson • Mr. Rich Eidson • Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. 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Hadeler, Jr. • Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Harnden* • Mr. Kurt Heisler * • Ms. Donna Hekler • Mr. and Mrs. Gary Henryson • Mr. Brian Hershman • Ms. Emily Hickey • Mr. Norman Himel • Ms. Natalie Hines • Ms. Kathryn Hodge • Mr. J. Scott Hodgkins • Ms. Deborah Y. Hoffman • Ms. Inger S. Hogan • Mr. and Mrs. Edwin C. Holt • Mrs. William Hollingsworth • Mr. and Mrs. Mark Holscher • Ms. Jen Holst • Mr. Jeremiah Hooley • Ms. Carolyn R. Houser * • Mr. and Mrs. Charles Thuss • Ms. Mariah Huarte • Ms. Lisa Humiston • Mr. Tyler Hylen • Mr. Joshua Jacobs • Mr. and Mrs. Larry Jacobson • Mr. and Mrs. Page Jenkins • Mr. and Mrs. John McNicholas • Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Johnson • Mr. and Mrs. James Johnson • Mr. Ken Josefsberg • Mr. Frank Morin and Ms. Terry Katz • Mr. and Mrs. Dan Kaufmann • Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Keene • Mr. Dwight Kennedy • Mr. David Kersey • Mr. and Mrs. Jack Keshtkar • Ms. Helen Kim • Ms. Maxine Koblenz • Mr. and Mrs. John Koudsi • Ms. Kathleen Kroguis • Mr. and Mrs. Alan Krusi • Ms. Deborah Kuperman • Mr. David Lain • Ms. Stephanie Lakin • Mr. and Mrs. M. Lawrence Lallande • Mr. and Mrs. John G. Lalli • Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Landis • Ms. Linda Lane • Mr. Ross Lawrence • Mr. and Mrs. Steven Layt • Ms. Brianne Leary • Mr. Garrett L. Leider • Mrs. Lianne M. Leiss • Ms. Lela Lemell • Mrs. Robert H. Lentz • Ms. Christine Lerable • Mr. Doug Levitt • Mr. and Mrs. Robert Levitt • Ms. Judy Lieber • James M. Lienert • Eho Lin • Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Longo • Mr. and Mrs. Paul Lowrey • Mr. and Mrs. Adam Lubicz • Mr. Steven Luminelli • Mr. and Mrs. Gary Luque • Mr. Robert Lutz and Dr. Mary Elizabeth Horan Lutz • Mr. Michael Mandelbaum and Mrs. Carlyn L. Henry • Ms. Pauline Manos • Mr. and Mrs. Gregory L. Mariscal • Mr. Mark Goldman • Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Marks • Mr. Neil Marquez • Mr. and Mrs. Neil B. Martin * • Dr. Pat Gleeson and Ms. Charmaine McClarie • Mr. and Mrs. Bill McCord • Ms. Sarah McCormick • Ms. Renee D. McFadden • Mr. and Mrs. Brad McKeever • Ms. Lauren K. McKiernan • Ms. Elizabeth McLaury • Ms. Victoria McMahon • Ms. Mary McVay • Mr. and Mrs. Gary Meek • Mr. Robert Q. Melendez * • Ms. Jennifer Miranda • Ms. Alison Mitchell • Reverend and Mrs. Donn D. Moomaw • Mr. and Mrs. John C. Morrissey • Ms. Gina Mussi-Nelson • Mr. and Mrs. Jamil Najd • Ms. Lora Nee • Mr. and Mrs. Jay Nelson • Ms. Helga Neuss • Mr. and Mrs. Michael Newman • Mr. Patrick J. Niemann • Mr. and Mrs. Mikhail Nisenberg • Ms. Susan Nishi • Mr. and Mrs. John O. Nocita • Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Noonan • Mr. and Mrs. James O'Callahan • Dr. and Mrs. Steven J. O'Day • Ms. Elizabeth Oh • Mr. and Mrs. Eric Olofson • Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Olson • Reverend and Mrs. Charles Orr • Ms. Leila C. Otey • Mr. James Pade • Mr. Jay Park • Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Pattison * • Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Patton • Ms. Lisa Pavin • Ms. Susan Pavone • Ms. Shelby Perkins • D.L. and A.D. Peters • Ms. Ana Peyton Pless • Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Pion • Mr. Bill Plant • Mr. David Porges • Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Portantino • Ms. Leah Press • Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Price • Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Prince • Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Prince • Ms. Cynthia Quan • Mr. and Mrs. John Quinn • Mr. and Mrs. Chris Rackow • Ms. Joan Radzyminski • Mr. Jonathan Ratter • Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Reed • Mr. Timothy Regener • Mr. and Mrs. Ron Resch • Mr. and Mrs. Mark Reuter • Ms. Young Rhee • Mr. Ralph E. Rittenhouse • Mrs. Daniel C. Robinson • Mr. Robert Rock and Ms. Tracy Karbus • Dr. Nereido J. Rodriguez * • Ms. Lauren Rogers • Mr. and Mrs. David B. Rogers • Mr. and Mrs. John Rogovin • Ms. Sandy Rossmanith • Ms. Jacqueline Rothenberg • Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Rothenberg • Mr. Brian Rudnick and Mrs. Randa Soudah • R Russell-Meredith • Ms. Veronica Saldivar * • Mr. and Mrs. Tony Sanchez • Mr. and Mrs. David Sanderson • Mr. and Mrs. Kent Sandie • Ms. Jaclyn Satterfield • Ms. Rachel Satterfield • Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Sauvé * • Mr. A. J. Schwitters • Ms. Carrie Scott • Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Scott • Mrs. Marion Seman • Ms. Nicole Sevier • Mr. and Mrs. William Sewell • Mr. John Shatkus • Dr. Anthony Shaw • Mr. and Mrs. John F. Shea • Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sheldon • Mr. and Mrs. Paul Sherman • Mr. and Mrs. Ta Shiah • Mr. and Mrs. Craig Shimahara • Mr. and Mrs. Ira Siegelman * • Ms. Olga E. Silutoni • Mr. and Mrs. Todd Sims • Mr. Scott Singletary • Mr. Barry Smooke * • Ms. Courtney Spikes • Mr. and Mrs. Rick Stabile • Ms. Jaclyn Stahl • Pat Sterling, PHN and Mel Sterling, M.D . • Mrs. Thomas H. Sternberg • Ms. Cynthia J. Stogel • Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Suceveanu • Mr. and Mrs. Gary Sugarman • Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Swodeck • Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Szymanowski • Ms. Jaclyn J. Tabullo • Mr. and Mrs. Jack Tauber • Mr. Wafa Tawackoli • Ms. Cathryn M. Taylor • Ms. Shadi Tefagh • Ms. Jocelyn B. Tetel • Mr. Tom Thacker • The Doctors Theodore • Ms. Judy Theuer • Ms. Anita Thomas • Mr. and Mrs. Hardy Thomas • Mr. Douglas Thomson • Mr. Alejandro Tinoco and Mrs. Laura Guerrero * • Mr. and Mrs. John Torbett • Ms. Teresa Tran • Mr. and Mrs. Ned Trippe • Mr. and Mrs. Matt Trovato • Ms. Quyen Tu • Ms. Laurel Ulrich • Mr. Ngy Ung • Ms. Karina Valadez • Mr. Eric Vogler • Mr. and Mrs. Joel Vuylsteke • Ms. Lisa Walco • Mr. and Mrs. Richard Waldron • Mr. Rick Warner • Ms. Allison Weber Butler • Ms. Vera Webster • Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Weller • Mr. and Mrs. Derek Welling • Mr. Zach Wells • Mr. Kevin Wenig • Mr. David Wheeler • Mr. and Mrs. Kyle P. Wheeler • Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. White • Mr. and Mrs. Kirk P. William • Ms. Meredith Williams • Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Wilson • Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Winebaum • Ms. Jennifer E. Wintner • Mr. and Mrs. Wade Wirth • Mr. and Mrs. J. Eric Wise • Mr. and Mrs. Robert Witt • Mr. and Mrs. William J. Wyan • Ms. Anya Zaklis

*Contributed to the 2014-15 Annual Appeal


$100,000+ The Angell Foundation • The Annenberg Foundation • California Community Foundation • The Crean Foundation • The Carl & Roberta Deutsch Foundation • Doris Duke Charitable Foundation • The Green Foundation • Orange County Community Foundation • Rose Hills Foundation • The Tikun Olam Foundation a support organization of the Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles • UniHealth Foundation • Weingart Foundation $50,000 - $99,999 Atlas Family Trust • The Capital Group Companies, Inc. • The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation • Michael & Irene Ross Endowment Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles • Wells Fargo • Wells Fargo Capital Finance • Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign • Wells Fargo Foundation • Wells Fargo Securities, LLC $25,000 - $49,999 The Casey Family Programs • Ernst & Young LLP • Occidental Petroleum Corporation • The Louis and Harold Price Foundation • The Joseph and Fiora Stone Foundation • Bon Appetit Management Co. $10,000 - $24,999 Two Anonymous Donors • AdvancePierre Foods • AECOM • Bank of America Merrill Lynch • BreitBurn Energy Partners L.P. • CBRE, Inc. • City National Bank • The Corwin D. Denney Foundation • Disneyland Resort • Farmers Insurance Group Companies • Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP • Goldman Sachs & Company • Goodwin Family Memorial Trust • Guggenheim Securities, LLC • The Ernest G. Herman Foundation • Houlihan Lokey, Inc. • Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation • Jiffy Lube • Kaiser Aluminum • Kirkland & Ellis LLP • Harry Bronson and Edith R. Knapp Foundation • Latham & Watkins LLP • The League for Children • Lockton Insurance Brokers, Inc. • The Madison Foundation for Families, Inc. • Wilbur May Foundation • Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy LLP • NFP National Account Services • Northern Trust Open - LA Legends • Nucor Corporation • Oaktree Capital Management, L.P. • The David & Lucile Packard Foundation • Edwin W. Pauley Foundation • Paul Hastings LLP • PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP • Pritzker Foster Care Initiative • QBE North America • QBE Foundation • Reliance Steel & Aluminum Co. • R-T Specialty, LLC • Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP • Grace Helen Spearman Charitable Foundation • The TJX Foundation, Inc. • Traylor Bros., Inc. • United Advocates for Children and Families • United Way - Los Angeles • J.B. and Emily Van Nuys Charities • Variety-The Children's Charity of Southern California $5,000 - $9,999 AK Steel Corporation • Alcoa • AlixPartners • Alvarez & Marsal • Aurora Resurgence • Avanti Hospitals, LLC • Bain & Company • The Bandai Foundation • Barclays Bank • Besso Limited • California Steel Industries, Inc. • CarterPierce, LLC • Change a Life Foundation • Clearlake Capital Group • Credit Suisse • Deloitte & Touche LLP • Disney VoluntEars Community Fund • The Gores Group • Grandpoint Bank • Hayes Capital Corporation • Hedge Funds Care|Help For Children • Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles • Jones Day • Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors Foundation • Korn/Ferry International • The Lawrence Foundation • McKinsey & Company, Inc. • Morgan Stanley & Company, Inc. • The Morrison & Foerster Foundation • Moultrie Asset Management Inc. • National Charity League • Therese Plunkett Foundation • Anthony & Jeanne Pritzker Family Foundation • Edison International • Southern Wine & Spirits of California • Union Bank • Union Bank Foundation $2,500 - $4,999 One Anonymous Donor • Avery Dennison • Axis Communications • Employees Community Fund of Boeing Southern California • Crescent Capital Group LP • Intrepid Investment Bankers LLC • Irvine BMW • Kensington • Kerry Foods • Leonard Green & Partners, L.P. • Moelis & Company Holdings L.P. • Muller Family Foundation • Stephanie and Peter Nolan Foundation • Pointe Marketing • Shelli Herman & Associates, Inc. • Sierra Nevada Investment Group LLC • Sidney Stern Memorial Trust • Target Corporation • Truist (United eWay and CreateHope collaborative). • U.S. Bank • Wood, Smith, Henning & Berman LLP • Young Presidents' Organization Golden West Chapter $1,000 - $2,499 AEG Global Partnerships • Anaheim Community Foundation • Ares Management, LLC • ASE Group, Inc. • CalWest Educators Placement • Chapman, Glucksman, Dean, Roeb & Barger • The Charitable Foundation/Berkshire Hathaway • The Walt Disney Company Foundation • Dotted Line Communications • ECHO - Northrop Grumman • Ergotron • Etonien, LLC • Financial Profiles • First Congregational Church of Los Angeles • In-N-Out Burger Foundation • Joyce Company • Littler Mendelson Foundation, Inc. • Pala Band of Mission Indians • PHCC of California - Copper for Kids Project • The PIMCO Foundation • Proskauer Rose LLP • Radius Payments, Inc. • The Shanbrom Family Fund • The Specialty Family Foundation • Tippett Moorhead Financial Partners • United States Steel Corporation • United Way of Metropolitan Dallas, Inc. • L.K. Whittier Foundation • Carl E. Wynn Foundation $500 - $999 • The Ahmanson Foundation • America's Charities • The Irvine Company • Kazanjian Brothers Jewelry • Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Employees' Reaching Out Club • Microsemi Corporation • NEC • Trinchero Family Estates • United Way, Inc. Below $500 3D Inc. • Allianz Global Risks U.S. Insurance Company • AmazonSmile Foundation • AT & T United Way Employee Giving Campaign • Avison Young • Give with Liberty • ICW Group • Kroger • Landis Gifts and Stationery • Lexbury Management LLC • Oakview Renewal Partnership • John P. Previti Memorial Foundation • Scott Wallace Structural Engineers • Orange County United Way • United Way California Capital Region • United Way of San Diego County

*Contributed to the 2014-15 Annual Appeal

Special Event Chairs

1) The Angelic Auxiliary Carnival at the Pier Benefit Committee: Michelle Habayeb, Andrea Fama, Monica Kennedy and Tara Wuchenich 2) The League for Children Event Chair Holly Hicks, President Mary Hiestand 3) President's Golf Invitational Co-Chairs Tom Casarella and O. Jacob Bobek 4) Vice Chairmen's Event Event Chairman Brad Knyal 5) Children's Bureau Clambake Event Chair Lori Irving 6) Celebrity Chefs & Wine Tasting Event Chair Julia Stewart

In-Kind Corporate Sponsors

Special thanks to these companies for donating in-kind services:
Avison Young Bain & Company Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy LLP Paul Hastings LLP QBE North America Wills Communications

And to our 2015 Outdoor Advertising Campaign Sponsors:
The Admark Group Clear Channel Outdoor EYE Corp Media JCDecaux North America Jiffy Lube Lamar Advertising Company Martin Outdoor Media Summit Media Titan Outdoor

Future Stability

Are you interested in being a part of Children's Bureau's future? You can ensure the agency's mission and vision to prevent child abuse remains with a legacy gift. To learn more, visit

Salvador Villar

"Planning a gift for Children's Bureau is an easy thing to do and I recommend it to anyone, regardless of the size of their estate. Children's Bureau is an exemplary organization that I am proud to support. I have seen the organization evolve, grow and improve year after year, providing an invaluable service to the community. This is a first rate group that matches innovation with kindness and a singular human touch."

— Salvador Villar, Children's Bureau Trustee and Kirby Society Member

Kirby Society Members
  • Liza-Mae and Mark Carlin
  • Rhonda Fleming Carlson
  • Ruby and Edmond* Davis
  • Mary Anne and A. Redmond Doms
  • Linda S. Garrison
  • Beth Goldfarb
  • Connie and Doug Hayes
  • Dr. M. Alfred Haynes and Mrs. Hazel Haynes
  • Ambassador James D. Hodgson* and Mrs. Maria Hodgson
  • Tina M. Johann
  • Marvel and Robert* Kirby
  • Judy and Rex Licklider
  • Martha and Alex Morales
  • Dr. James and Judy Nelson, in honor of Jason
  • Royal Radtke
  • Keith and Joan Renken
  • Carmine Salvucci
  • Sandy Sladen
  • George A. Studer
  • Ana Lourdes and Salvador Villar
  • Alice and Don Willfong*
  • Three Anonymous Members


Children's Bureau is committed to providing vulnerable children — especially in the early years — the foundation necessary to become caring and productive adults.

Susan Wirth
Director of Marketing & Communications

Creative Director
Beth Goldfarb
Cause Farm Creative

Danielle Klebanow

The images of children and parents are of actual Children's Bureau families. Families featured in this annual report provided their own photos.


#TheGreaterShare is a social movement to prevent child abuse. By investing in a share of children's success, health, parenting and community, we are investing in the greater good of society. All of this happens because of people like you.

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