Something Greater than Ourselves 2014 Annual Report
Share of Celebration
Your support helped us reach 28,000 vulnerable children and their parents through 17 community sites.
Alex Morales

Children’s Bureau’s rich history is connected by a singular force that has defined its evolution and success for 110 years. That force is people — extraordinary men and women — bonded by a concern for the plight of vulnerable children. Moreover, they are dedicated to finding innovative solutions to help at-risk families and communities to thrive.

As government and private organizations continue to struggle in finding ways to sustain direct services, we continued to devote significant resources that include direct services but go beyond to child abuse prevention. We see the potential in parents who gain the support, skills and knowledge they need to nurture their own families and then blossom into confident community leaders.

In 2014, our board of directors and board of trustees jointly agreed to invest and accelerate the success of the Magnolia Community Initiative (MCI). This national model for large-scale community change, based in one of Los Angeles’ poorest communities, continues to gain attention and momentum. A highlight of this year was our first national grant from The Doris Duke Charitable Foundation. Most recently, the foundation joined us for a rich dialogue with other local funders and MCI partners to share our learning and explore how to leverage support to this social movement.

Despite challenging times, you helped us raise $3.49 million in private philanthropy, which represents a nine percent increase from last year. We achieved our stretch goal of $2 million for corporate and foundation support and set a record for the highest level of individual giving for the second consecutive year.

In celebration of our 110th year, we’ve included a timeline that reflects then and now. Our proud moments continue to happen because of people, like you, working together for something greater than ourselves.
Thank you for joining us on this journey.

Alex Morales Signature
Alex Morales, President & CEO, Children’s Bureau

Share of Community

“I want my children to get a good education and to learn how to overcome obstacles so they can achieve their dreams.”— Teresa

Share of Community

Teresa and Gerardo came to Los Angeles 12 years ago and settled in a neighborhood near the Oakwood Family Resource Center. They have a son, Emmanuel, who is age five and a daughter Gemma, age two. After the birth of Emmanuel, Teresa experienced post-partum depression and was seeking guidance and support. She didn’t know where to go for help until one day she walked by Children’s Bureau and saw a banner posted about services. She walked into the lobby seeking more information.

Teresa started with the NuParent program. She learned how to interact and bond with Emmanuel, what to look for in his development and milestones that he needed to reach. The support from parents and the group facilitator helped Teresa tremendously during this challenging time in her life.

After the NuParent program, Teresa joined the Family Enrichment classes and participated with her son for a full year, sparking an interest in sharing the knowledge she gained with others in the community. Teresa found that opportunity in the Community Enrichment Program as a Parent Facilitator. This volunteer leadership role required Teresa to complete an intensive 12-week training to implement the community group.

Now going into her third year as a Parent Facilitator, Teresa says that she volunteers for the satisfaction of having her own children see her being a teacher to others. Her family is a part of her success as Gerardo gives her the support and help needed to prepare the group activities. Together, the couple now understands the important role they play in their little ones’ lives and the local community.

Teresa’s personal journey reaches beyond Children’s Bureau as she’s learned how to drive and is now enrolled in English classes, as English-speaking parents in her last community group motivated her to learn the language. She is a trusted resource in the community and continues to take advantage of what Children’s Bureau has to offer. Recently, Gemma was able to benefit from developmental screenings through Children’s Bureau which allowed her to be linked with a local Regional Center to receive speech therapy.

“Children’s Bureau has helped me bond with my entire family and we’ve learned how to better communicate with each other. I always refer parents to Children’s Bureau. The staff is very kind and they treat everyone well. I tell people that it’s an excellent organization with lots of benefits,” said Teresa.

Share of Community
Heal 1,600 fragile lives through mental health therapy and counseling.
Guide 3,500 parents through our NuParent program with vital parenting skills, knowledge and support.
Share of Community

Ninety-two percent of the families we serve live at or below the poverty level. When we work towards something greater than ourselves, we can change the trajectory of a generation in need. Your support helped us to:

Respond to 383 foster children in need

Find 100 children a permanent home through adoption

Prepare over 600 young children and their parents for kindergarten and future academic success

Provide 400 kids in Orange County with a safe place to play and study after school

Help 3,000 individuals through family resource centers to obtain job training, child care, tax services, counseling and financial aid

Share of Heart

“I’ve been lucky to have spent time with quality people who are working to do the right thing for children in need.”— Keith Renken

Share of Heart

When Keith Renken retired 20 years ago, he wanted to continue helping communities to thrive. He served on five for-profit boards and numerous nonprofit boards including Children’s Bureau. What drew Keith to the agency was its compelling mission and also the people. David Anderson, Howard Edgerton and John Kooken were part of Children’s Bureau’s emerging trustee board formed after a capital campaign in the 1980’s. Keith liked that they were all active in helping Children’s Bureau to raise funds and reach new supporters. Over the years, they all became close friends and significant leaders of Children’s Bureau. One of Keith’s fondest moments was the time he played in a foursome with John along with former President Gerald Ford and entertainer Bob Hope at the annual President’s Invitational Golf Tournament. Having two icons at the tournament made it different from the other golf events in town. Keith says Ford and Hope were friendly and made the effort for several years to be at the Children’s Bureau event.

Keith also enjoyed being a part of the Children’s Bureau team and what a team he and Mike Fourticq, Sr. made as co-chairs of the agency’s $22 million capital campaign. Despite economic challenges, the campaign surpassed its goal and opened the agency’s new headquarters in 2008. Keith and Mike were awarded Children’s Bureau’s Humanitarian Award that summer at the agency’s Annual Celebration. Over the past two decades, Keith has also worked tirelessly to introduce Children’s Bureau to numerous foundations and corporations which have resulted in millions of dollars raised for our prevention work.

To Children’s Bureau, Keith is a supporter, friend and ambassador. He is a connector and builder of relationships that mean something and result in making extraordinary things happen. He is an important part of our 110-year history and how we’ve evolved in our fundraising and programming efforts.

Share of Future

“Children’s Bureau provides a quality service to families in Southern California and now its learning is being shared nationally. The agency is run very efficiently and effectively with currently 84 percent of funding going directly to its program work. This is important as thousands of young lives are at a critical point, and, through Children’s Bureau, are given the chance to succeed.”— Doug Hayes

Share of Future

There are many ways to give to Children’s Bureau today and for future children in need. Connie and Doug Hayes have supported numerous events and campaigns for more than 25 years. Doug has also volunteered countless hours in leadership roles, including serving as chair of both the director and trustee boards and golf tournament. In 2007, he was given the agency’s highest praise, the Humanitarian Award. Several years ago, Doug made the decision to make a legacy gift.

“Children’s Bureau provides a quality service to families in Southern California and now its learning is being shared nationally. The agency is run very efficiently and effectively with currently 84 percent of funding going directly to its program work. This is important as thousands of young lives are at a critical point, and, through Children’s Bureau, are given the chance to succeed,” said Doug.

He hopes that Children’s Bureau can continue to help even more parents and children and is encouraged by the Magnolia Community Initiative’s potential to do so. Doug says it’s a privilege to help and give back in whatever way he can. His steadfast belief in our mission and generosity is being recognized by The League for Children auxiliary where he’ll be honored at the group’s annual gala in September 2015.


Kirby Society Members

  • Liza-Mae and Mark Carlin
  • Rhonda Fleming Carlson
  • Ruby and Edmond* Davis
  • Mary Anne and A. Redmond Doms
  • Linda S. Garrison
  • Beth Goldfarb
  • Connie and Doug Hayes
  • Dr. M. Alfred Haynes and Mrs. Hazel Haynes
  • Ambassador James D. Hodgson* and Mrs. Maria Hodgson*
  • Tina M. Johann
  • Marvel and Robert* Kirby
  • Judy and Rex Licklider
  • Martha and Alex Morales
  • Dr. James and Judy Nelson, in honor of Jason
  • Royal Radtke
  • Carmine Salvucci
  • Sandy Sladen
  • George A. Studer
  • Ana Lourdes and Salvador Villar
  • Alice and Don Willfong*
  • Three Anonymous Members


Share of Trust
Share of Trust

Corporations and foundations are trusted partners in funding Children’s Bureau’s traditional prevention work. In 2014, our existing partners deepened their investment and new partners joined us in supporting the Magnolia Community Initiative (MCI).

MCI is Children’s Bureau’s answer to the questions:

  • How can we prevent many of the social ills that rob vulnerable children of their future?
  • How can we do this in an environment where government and philanthropic resources are declining?

The solution is MCI’s efforts to unite the community, public and private organizations together to change how they think and act, and to change how parents behave, with the ultimate goal of improving outcomes for children on a large scale.

MCI received support from both local and national foundations this year including a three-year $600,000 grant from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation. This award is helping us in three key areas: strengthening and expanding the learning system; enhancing the linkage functions that connect families with services and supports in a seamless and timely manner, and cultivating a resident organizing effort that equips parent and neighborhood champions to implement and spread protective factors in family and neighborhood life.

“MCI plays a vital role in improving the lives of children and families in Los Angeles.
In addition to serving as leaders in the Los Angeles community, MCI is also highly respected among its peer organizations across the country. We have much to learn from MCI and I remain committed to ensuring that others continue to learn from the achievements of MCI as well.”

—Lola Adedokun, Doris Duke Charitable Foundation’s Program Director for Child Well-Being and Director of the African Health Initiative


The mission of the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation is to improve the quality of people’s lives through grants supporting the performing arts, environmental conservation, medical research, and the prevention of child abuse, and through preservation of the cultural and environmental legacy of Doris Duke’s properties.

Local support includes the award of a two-year $400,000 grant from the Tikun Olam Foundation.

Mindy & Gene Stein

“Tikun Olam is a Hebrew phrase meaning healing the world. Our foundation invests in the youngest members of society, providing support to the child, family and their community. There is synergy in Tikun Olam’s mission and the goals of MCI. Our nation will be stronger when we share resources to develop more effective neighborhoods. Building a strong community provides a foundation for resilience and productive lives. MCI is creating this community.”

—Mindy and Gene Stein

Celebrating 110 Years
In Celebration of our 110th year, we’ve provided a timeline that reflects then and now. Our proud moments continue to happen because of people, like you, working together for something greater than ourselves.

1904 Moved by the plight of vulnerable children, Mrs. E.K. Foster, a Los Angeles community leader, forms a volunteer group which successfully advocates for legislation to protect children

1920's Children’s Bureau is a vital partner in starting the Community Chest — now the United Way

1935-1936 19 children were given 2,371 days of care at Blue Gate Cottage, a shelter for homeless and abused children

1930's The agency plays a key role in establishing the USC School of Social Work

1940's During World War II, Children’s Bureau expands to meet changing social needs by initiating adoption services and finding homes for refugee children and war orphans

1950's Children’s Bureau begins to offer day care services as women enter the workforce to respond to emerging social conditions

1960's Unadoptable children become the focus of Children’s Bureau’s pilot program to provide therapeutic foster care treatment and adoption services for children with special needs

1970's Children’s Bureau implements a program of therapeutic group-home care for abused children who cannot be helped through foster care

1980's Nationally recognized Family Assessment Form evaluation tool developed to help counselors objectively assess family functioning and plan treatment

Children’s Bureau locates services in Orange County to expand prevention efforts

1990's Children’s Bureau identifies parent education and community support systems as vital strategies in the arsenal to prevent child abuse. 50% of program efforts are designated to focus on parents with newborns to three-year-olds

2001 Mental health therapy and counseling services expanded to help children showing signs of difficulty in school or home life

2002-2008 $22 million raised to build new Magnolia Place Family Center that also serves as agency headquarters

2008 Magnolia Community Initiative is launched as a national model for large-scale community change

2013 Children’s Bureau receives first national grant from The Doris Duke Foundation

2014 Annenberg Foundation recognized Alex Morales as one of 25 visionary leaders

Share of Trust
Share of Trust

Our 110th year was marked by numerous accomplishments and recognition in the child welfare field. Here are a few of those bright moments:

The Annenberg Foundation recognized Children’s Bureau’s CEO Alex Morales, as one of 25 extraordinary, vision-driven leaders for far-reaching impact on their communities.

First 5 LA partnered with Children’s Bureau to provide home visits to at-risk children and to provide education and assistance with the Affordable Care Act.

The web-based Family Assessment Form (FAF), developed by Children’s Bureau, was adopted by Los Angeles Department of Children & Family Services and New York City Administration for Children’s Services. FAF is a practitioner-developed, user-friendly approach to assessing families, planning services and evaluating results.

Children’s Bureau was chosen as the only research site to train foster parents in a new practice model called PRIDE. The Los Angeles Department of Children and Families is joining us to follow our work in this area.

of Children’s Bureau directors and trustees made a financial contribution to the organization
Share of Dedication

board of directors

Julia Stewart
DineEquity, Inc.

Vice Chairs
Juan Alfonso

Michael S. Burke

Ivan Hindshaw
Bain & Company, Inc.

Charles K. Marquis
Investcorp International, Inc.

Ana Valdez
The 650 Company

Hope Wintner
Civic Leader

Arthur H. Rasmussen, Jr.,
CB Richard Ellis

Carrie Tilton
Civic Leader

Neal Aton
Wells Fargo Insurance Services USA, Inc.

Alan Berkes
The Ballpark

Mark Carlin
Lockton Insurance Brokers, Inc.

A. Redmond Doms
Redmond Doms Company

John Durrant
Paul Hastings LLP

B. James Ford
Oaktree Capital Management, L.P.

Michael J. Fourticq, Sr.
Hancock Park Associates

Christopher M. Frank
Bonk Breaker, LLC

Joel Freedman
Avanti Hospitals, LLC

Martin Jacobs
Capital World Investors

Mark C. Lemons
Mark C. Lemons Foundation

Kristine A. Losito
Civic Leader

Richard Magnuson
Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors

Sandra V. Naftzger
N3 Cattle Company LLC

Hector Orci

David Pittman
Union Bank

Janie Schulman
Morrison & Foerster, LLP

Michelle Traylor
Civic Leader

board of trustees

Matthew Wilson
Oaktree Capital Management, L.P.

Vice Chairs
Randy Bort
SandTree Holdings, LLC

Matthew V. Pauley
GE Capital

Scott B. Witter
City National Bank

Shelli Herman
Shelli Herman & Associates

Kenneth Baronsky
Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy LLP

O. Jacob Bobek
Avison Young

Bryan Boghosian
Deloitte & Touche LLP

Wallace W. Booth
Ducommun, Inc. (retired)

Stephanie Campbell
DIRECTV, Inc. (retired)

Mark Carlin
Lockton Insurance Brokers, Inc.

Susan Cheng
Warner Brothers Entertainment

Kenneth J. Chirba
Wachovia Bank, NA (retired)

Cecily Dean
Civic Leader

Kathleen Duncan
Civic Leader

Damon Fisher
Kirkland & Ellis, LLP

B. James Ford
Oaktree Capital Management, L.P.

Michael Fourticq, Jr.
Hancock Park Associates

Michael J. Fourticq, Sr.
Hancock Park Associates

Mark W. Gibello
Trust Company of the West

Scott Graves
Oaktree Capital Management, L.P.

Charles Hogan
Radius Financial

Chapin Hunt
LoanCore Capital

Jenny Jones
Elkins/Jones Insurance

Michael Keller
Tiedemann Wealth Management

Bradley D. Knyal
Wireless Capital Partners, LLC

Jordan L. Kruse
Oaktree Capital Management, L.P.

Roger M. Laverty, III
Farmer Brothers Coffee (retired)

Kelly Masuda
Caruso Affiliated

Adam Pierce
Oaktree Capital Management, L.P.

Keith W. Renken
Deloitte & Touche LLP (retired)

Clinton R. Stevenson, Jr.
West Coast Housing Partners, LLC

Stuart Taylor
Taylor Realty Advisors

Pieter Theron
Ernst & Young LLP

Michael Traylor
Traylor Brothers, Inc.

Salvador Villar
Mercado Plus

James R. Walther
Mayer Brown, LLP

orange county
board of trustees

David Madison
Madison Strategic Management

Paul Feuerborn
The Capital Group Companies

Jeffrey Fields
Windes Inc.

Richard Flanagan
R-T Specialty

Christopher Hutnick
Deloitte & Touche LLP

Lori Irving

Keven J. Yue
Ingram Micro Inc.

2014/2015 Newly Elected Leadership
board of directors

Karen Dunbar Enzer
Civic Leader

Gina Guerra
Civic Leader

Marc Krigsman
Cross MediaWorks

Susan Markowitz
Civic Leader

board of trustees
Tom Casarella
Oaktree Capital Management, L.P.

Chris Lovrien
Jones Day

Jim Marasco
Wells Fargo Capital Finance

John Tomlinson
Lockton Insurance Brokers, Inc.

orange county
board of trustees

Janice Sindoni Bachmann
Disneyland Resort

staff leadership
Alex Morales, L.C.S.W.
President & CEO

Ron E. Brown, M.B.A.
Chief Program Officer

Sona Chandwani, M.B.A.
Chief Financial Officer

Richard Ledwin
Chief Human Resources Officer

Jacqueline A. Meek
Chief Development Officer

For every $1
spent on prevention $4 to $9 is saved in future public spending
Financial Overview
Share of Generosity
Share of Generosity

We deeply appreciate the generous support of those individuals, corporations and foundations that made the welfare of children in need a priority in their philanthropic giving. Combined, they help us to make a real difference in uplifting thousands of children and parents each year.

This Honor Roll reflects gifts made during the 2013/2014 fiscal year. #thegreatershare

For a current list of donors, visit


Patrons ($50,000 - $99,999)
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Carlin
Mr. and Mrs. Charles K. Marquis
Colleagues ($25,000 - $49,999)
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Brown, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Mark C. Lemons
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene P. Stein
Sponsors ($10,000 - $24,999)
Mr. and Mrs. Austin Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy D. Armour
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Baronsky
Mr. and Mrs. A. Redmond Doms
Mr. and Mrs. Rich Flisher
Mr. and Mrs. B. James Ford
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Fourticq, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Fourticq, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Graves
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas M. Hayes
Mrs. Shelli Herman and Dr. Stewart Gleischman
Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Hindshaw
Ambassador and Mrs. Glen A. Holden
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Jacobs
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley D. Knyal
Mr. and Mrs. Jordon L. Kruse
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Madison
Mr. Richard R. Magnuson, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Masuda
Ms. Sandra Naftzger
Mr. and Mrs. Keith W. Renken
Mr. Clinton R. Stevenson, Jr.
Ms. Julia Stewart and Mr. Tim Ortman
Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Tilton
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew C. Wilson
Ms. Hope Wintner and Mr. Ted Meisel
Partners ($5,000 - $9,999)
Mr. O. Jacob Bobek
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan P. Boghosian
Mr. and Mrs. Wallace W. Booth
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Burke
Ms. Stephanie Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Durrant
Mr. and Mrs. Damon R. Fisher
Ms. Linda S. Garrison
Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. Gibello, Sr.
Mr. Charles Hogan
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Hutnick
Ms. Jenny Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Karsh
Mr. David Keller
Mr. Michael R. Keller
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne L. Knyal
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Leonis
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Litzinger
Dr. and Mrs. William R. Manclark
Mr. and Mrs. Hector Orci
Mr. Moose Moravec and Ms. Anne Osberg
Mr. and Mrs. Bill A. Papalexis
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur H. Rasmussen, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Bryant Riley
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ronus
Ms. Janie Schulman and Mr. John Caragozian
Mrs. Jack C. Smith
Ms. Frances Sweeney
Mr. and Mrs. Pieter Theron
Mr. and Mrs. John Tomlinson
Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Traylor
Mr. and Mrs. D. Michael Van Konynenburg
Mr. James Walther and Dr. Robin Walther
Mr. Hal Washburn
Mr. Scott B. Witter
Mr. Brett G. Wyard
Companions ($2,500 - $4,999)
Mr. and Mrs. Juan J. Alfonso
Ms. Karen Bader
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Berkes
Mr. and Mrs. Harold T. Bowling
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Brown
Mr. Ben Burley
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Cruz
Mr. Matt Cwiertnia
Mrs. Stuart Davis
Mr. and Mrs. E. Michael DeSantis
Mr. and Mrs. Adam D. Duncan
Mr. Van Durrer, II
Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Feuerborn
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Flanagan
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Foulke
Mr. Edward R. Fourticq
Ms. Natalia Franco
Mr. and Mrs. John Gillespie
Mr. and Mrs. James Hassett
Dr. and Mrs. Donald A. Hicks
Mr. Curt M. Himebauch
Mr. and Mrs. Michael O. Johnson
Mr. Mark R. Justice
Mr. and Mrs. James G. Kenefick
Mr. Roger M. Laverty, III
Mr. J. Christopher Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Losito
Mr. Ernest S. Lyons
Mrs. Thomas L. McKay
Mr. and Mrs. Ramone Mendoza
Mr. and Mrs. Alex B. Morales
Mr. and Mrs. Han Nguyen
Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Nolan
Ms. Patricia Paquette
Mr. and Mrs. Adam C. Pierce
Mr. and Mrs. John Reimer
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Rowen
Ms. Keitha Russell Haley
Mrs. Earl K. Russell
Mr. and Mrs. David Segel
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy F. Shields
Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Skouras, Jr.
Mr. Stuart L. Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Salvador Villar
Ms. Elizabeth Westerby
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wuchenich
Mr. and Mrs. Keven J. Yue
Friends ($1,000 - $2,499)
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Ahmanson
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Arklin
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Barnes
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Battista
Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence O. Baum, Jr.
Ambassador Frank Baxter
Mr. Michael Beck and Mrs. Carrie Salvino
Mr. and Mrs. Boris Beljak
Ms. Cydney Bernard
Mr. Gregory Bever
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon M. Binder
Mr. and Mrs. Randall L. Bort
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Brammer
Dr. and Mrs. Philip S. Burchill
Mr. James C. Burnap
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Campbell
Mrs. Rhonda Fleming Carlson and Mr. Darol Carlson
Mrs. Helen L. Casriel
Mr. and Mrs. Deepak Chandwani
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Chirba
Mr. Benjamin E. Clark
Mr. James Cordova
Mr. Steven Cox and Ms. Jennifer King
Cheryl M. Craft, Ph.D.
Mrs. Frank L. Crowley
Mr. Richard J. Dahl
Ms. Silvana D’Anna
Mr. and Mrs. Randall J. Dean
Mr. and Mrs. Joaquin DeMonet
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Edwards
Mr. and Mrs. Earl S. Enzer
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Fama
Mr. John Farrace
Mr. Jeffrey S. Fields
Mrs. Harold J. Fouts
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher M. Frank
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Freedman
Mr. Damon Frier
Mr. Simon Furie
Mr. and Mrs. Iran Ghassemieh
Mr. Richard J. Goldstein
Mr. and Mrs. Horacio Gonzalez
Mr. and Mrs. Rodrigo A. Guerra, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Gurbach
Mr. and Mrs. Paul G. Haaga
Mr. and Mrs. Elias Habayeb
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Hayes
Mr. and Mrs. William Hiestand
Mr. Rusty Hill
Ms. Karen Hillenburg
Mr. Brian Hoffman
Ms. Susan Hull
Mrs. Robert Humphreys
Ms. Jaya Hungund-Yan
Mr. and Mrs. Chapin Hunt
Mr. and Mrs. John Jakubek
Mr. and Mrs. W. Edgar Jessup, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin P. Joyce
Mr. and Mrs. Adam Keefe
Mr. and Mrs. Peter W. Kelly
Mr. Kevin Kuhner
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Linfesty
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Lomis
Mr. and Mrs. Rick C. Madden
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Massey
Mr. Franklin Kostlan and Mrs. Kathleen McCarthy
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart McLean
Mr. and Mrs. Michael McRoskey
Mr. John Meadows
Ms. Diane Kooken Mechaley
Mr. Steven Moore
Mr. and Mrs. David Nemecek
Mr. and Mrs. John Nickoll
Mr. and Mrs. Elliott Nohalty
Mr. and Mrs. Michael O’Brien
Mrs. Rosanne O’Brien
Mr. and Mrs. Andreas Olavarria
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Outcalt
Mr. and Mrs. Joshua A. Pack
Mr. and Mrs. Marty Pasetta
Mrs. Frank P. Pekny
Mrs. Roland Peterson
Mr. David J. Pittman
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Reuter
Mr. Timothy Reynolds
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory A. Robins
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Rosenthal
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Shea
Mr. William Blanks and Mrs. Joan Sherwood
Mr. Rajath Shourie and Mrs. Moira Mayer
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Steiner
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Stockman
Mr. and Mrs. John Stumpf
Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Stutts
Mr. and Mrs. Brian C. Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs. John Tallichet
Mrs. Robert E. Towne
Mr. John Wong and Ms. Anh Tran
Mr. Phil Tseng
Mrs. Gordon Tuthill
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Valdez
Mr. Frank Whiting
Dr. Arthur H. Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Williamson
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Winebaum
Casey Winters, C.P.A
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Wittkop
Ms. Waltraud E. Woolf
Ms. Cathy Woolway
One Anonymous Donor
Supporters ($500 - $999)
Dr. and Mrs. Brian C. Alessini
Mr. Richard Alonso
Mr. and Mrs. Neal R. Aton
Mr. and Mrs. Dan F. Ausman
Mrs. Janice Sindoni Bachmann
Mrs. Ned Bailey
Mr. Aaron Bendikson
Mr. and Mrs. Peter W. Bernard
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Bogert
Ms. Patricia Bowie
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Boysen
Mr. Daniel Brestle
Mr. Paul Bronzo
Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Brown
Mr. Cruz Caldera
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Capuano
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Carnell
Mr. and Mrs. David Chang
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey H. Cohen
Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Collins
Ms. Kelly Cook
Mr. and Mrs. David Cormack
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Corrigan
Ms. Christine C. Cronin-Hurst and Mr. Mark Hurst
Mr. Robert Curci
Mr. Daniel Domonoske
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Duva
Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Eidson
Mrs. Jerrold Fadem
Mr. Charles Fain
Mr. and Mrs. James S. Farnham
Mrs. Sally L. Feathers
Mr. and Mrs. Sean C. Feller
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Ferrier
Mr. and Mrs. Casey Fleck
Mr. Daniel T. Flynn and Mrs. Emily Crean Vogler
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Fox
Dr. Warren Garner
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gates
Ms. Sarah Geana
Mr. and Mrs. Bill L. Gillespie
Ms. Nancy Giltner
Mr. and Mrs. David Guest
Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Gustafson
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Hanscom
Ms. Stephanie Harvey
Mr. and Mrs. David S. Heller
Mrs. Eugene H. Hoffman
Mr. and Mrs. John Iino
Mrs. Richard A. Janik
Mr. and Mrs. Page Jenkins
Mr. and Mrs. John Samore
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Joseph
Mr. and Mrs. Arne Kalm
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kennedy
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey C. Krause
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Kroener, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Landes
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan K. Layne
Mrs. R. Theodore Leaver
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Lenow
Mr. and Mrs. Eho Lin
Dr. Betsy Leland Link
Mr. Christopher Lovrien
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Lowe
Mr. Louis Lucido
Ms. Susana A. Luna
Ms. Monica Lytal
Mr. William G. Malouf
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Mancini
Mr. and Mrs. James Marasco
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth McKenna
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis McLarry
Mr. James Meehan
Mr. and Mrs. Dana Messina
Mr. Andrew G. Miller
Mr. Shervin Mirhashemi
Mr. and Mrs. Blake Mirkin
Mr. and Mrs. David Montalba
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Montgomery
Ms. Nadine Moore
Mr. Kevin Mortesen
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Murphy
Ms. Gretchen M. Nero
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel A. Newman
Mr. Patrick J. Niemann
Mr. Kevin Noonan
Mr. Robert Noonan
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew O’Connor
Ms. Nadia Olstad
Mr. and Mrs. A.F. Osterloh, III
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew V. P. Pauley
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Peloso
Mr. Charlie Plowman
Mr. Jeffrey Ponko
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Postaer
Mr. Charles Protell
Ms. Cindy S. Quane
Mr. and Mrs. Cory Rosenberg
Ms. Amy Ross-Heimann
Mr. Matthew Ruderman
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Sakane
Mr. and Mrs. Kent Sandie
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Schnitzius
Mr. David O. Schumacher and Mrs. Yvonne Hsieh-Schumacher
Mr. Zach Serebrenik
Ms. Sherry Sexton
Dr. and Mrs. Alan J. Sheinbaum
Mrs. Robert E. Shelley
Mr. Steven R. Shoemate
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Sims
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas M. Smith
The Antonius Somoza Family
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Steinberg
Mr. and Mrs. Steven B. Stokdyk
Mr. George Sumner
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Techentin
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Theodore
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory A. Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Casey UeberrothMr. and Mrs. Joel Vuylsteke
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Wacker
Mr. and Mrs. David Walker
Mr. Peter W. Wardle
Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Wenokur
Mr. and Mrs. W. Brett White
Mrs. James Whitmore
Mr. and Mrs. J. Eric Wise
Mr. Paul Woolls and Mrs. Betty O. O’Shaughnessy
Associates ($250 - $499)
Mr. and Mrs. Geno Adair
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Adams
Mr. and Mrs. Martyn Agens, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Akahoshi
Mrs. Lois Aldrin
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Alessini
Mr. and Mrs. Murray Allen
Mrs. Robert Anderson
Ms. Ana Arguello
Mr. Jack Armstrong
Mr. Josef S. Athanas
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Attanasio
Ms. Saralee Baldwin
Ms. Karla Barreto
Ms. Cecile C. Bartman
Ms. Justina Baskauskas
Mr. Benedick Bates and Mrs. Claudia Santorelli-Bates
Mr. Christian Bateson
Mr. Jay Beaghan and Mrs. Darlene Hoyer
Mr. Roger Beil
Mr. and Mrs. Jordan Bender
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Bertwell
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Bleak
Mr. and Mrs. J. Todd Bolin
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Braun
Mr. and Mrs. Randall H. Breitenbach
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Brittain
Mrs. Cecil B. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bryan
Dr. and Mrs. Neil A. Buchbinder
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Carlin
Ms. Jennifer Caspar
Mr. and Mrs. Nanik J. Chandwani
Ms. Sona S. Chandwani
Mr. Jonathon Hobley and Ms. Susan Cheng
Ms. Jiah Chung
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Cobb
Mr. and Mrs. James Conlon
Ms. Karen Cormier-Southards
Mr. Keith Covington
Mr. and Mrs. Eric P. Crabtree
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Cudzil
Mr. and Mrs. Lance Danford
Mr. and Mrs. Neil Desai
Mr. and Mrs. Brett Duffy
Mr. and Mrs. Tanner Eriksen
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas S. Ewing
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Fenn
Ms. Carey Fitzgerald
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Flanagan
Mr. Andrew Fohrer
Mrs. Barbara J. Foreman
Ms. Leslie Frank
Ms. Karen Frech
Mr. and Mrs. Marcel Freides
Mr. and Mrs. Jordan Friedman
Mr. and Mrs. Leo Gestetner
Mr. and Mrs. Seth F. Gilman
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Godby
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Goedemans
Ms. Beth Goldfarb
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Goldstein
Ms. Irma Gomez
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Gibson
Ms. Julie Guest
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Hansen
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Harmon
Mr. A. Hill
Mr. and Mrs. Mark K. Holdsworth
Mr. and Mrs. Garrick Hollander
Ms. Shianne C. Hollander
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin C. Holt
Mr. and Mrs. Edward D. Hume
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hutman
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Irvin
Ms. Lori A. Irving
Mr. Christopher “Kit” Jennings
Ms. Mariel Joliet
Mr. Daniel Kagan
Ms. Melanie Kaplan
Mr. and Mrs. Toby Kaulkin
Ms. Margaret F. Kelsey
Ms. Juanita Kempe
Ms. Ann Kibler
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff King
Mr. and Mrs. Rickey King
Ms. Victoria King
Mr. and Mrs. A. Joel Klein
Mr. and Mrs. James Klein
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Kolligian
Mr. and Mrs. John Koudsi
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Krigsman
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Kurstin
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Lally
Ms. Kathy Lee
Mr. Paul Lee
Ms. Amy Levitt-Polanco
Ms. Debra Levy
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey R. Logan
Mr. Keith Lupton
Mr. Thomas MacDougall and Ms. Grace Wu
Mr. and Mrs. Michael MacKenzie
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Madok
Mr. Michael Mandelbaum and Mrs. Carlyn L. Henry
Ms. Nicole Matos
Mr. Ryan McCarthy
Mr. and Mrs. Spencer McClung
Dr. Jacquelyn McCroskey and Mr. Marc Palley
Mr. and Mrs. Scott McKay
Mrs. Debbie McLane
Mr. and Mrs. John E. MenAdez
Ms. Rukshan T. Mistry
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Moore
Ms. Jan Muela
Mr. and Mrs. Hasham Mukadam
Mr. Donald A. Mullane
Dr. and Mrs. James Nelson
Mr. Steven Nielson
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher E. O’Donnell
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald H. Oppenheimer
Mr. Drew Paris
Mr. Dan Phelan
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Poulson
Mr. and Mrs. Evan Prager
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Prince
Mr. Howard Privette
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Reagan
Mr. David Reamer
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Reischl
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Revell
Mr. and Mrs. Perry Richards
Ms. Lauralynn Rogers and Mr. William Haefliger
Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. Rosenbaum
Mr. and Mrs. Kacy Rozelle
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence S. Rubaum
Mr. and Mrs. Chip Russo
Ms. Patrice Salseda
Ms. Marcia Salvary
Mr. and Mrs. William Scott Sanford
Ms. Sarah Shelton
Ms. Leslie B. Shrager
Mrs. Amy Sommer and Mr. James Childress
Ms. Claudia Soto-Neira
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Stegemoeller
Ms. Molly Stephens
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin M. Stern
Mr. and Mrs. George Strong
Mr. and Mrs. Andy Sun
Mr. and Mrs. Lester M. Sussman
Mr. and Mrs. Romeo Tajanlangit
Ms. Nicole Tangen
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Temple
Mr. and Mrs. David Thomas
Mr. Robert Thomason
Mr. Charles Tran
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Trepp
Mr. James Vandeveer
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wentzel
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Westwater
Mr. and Mrs. Sean T. Wheeler
Mr. Roger E. Wilde
Ms. Nancy Wilkins
Mr. and Mrs. John Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Wirth
Ms. Vivienne Wright
Mr. and Mrs. Brad Zenz
One Anonymous Donor
Investors (below $250)
Ms. Jasmine Abghari
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Addy
Mr. and Mrs. John Ahn
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Allina
Mr. Shawn Alt
Ms. Christine Amos
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Amster
Ms. Donna Tohidi Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Arison
Ms. Marilyn Athey
Mrs. Bonnie J. Aver
Mrs. Alice Avery
Ms. Sherri Axe
Ms. Julie Bakken
Ms. Carolyn Yashari Becher
Ms. Bert Beck
Mr. and Mrs. John Beck
Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Becker
Mr. Robert Benfield
Ms. Denise Berger
Mr. and Mrs. James Berry
Mrs. William Hollingsworth
Mr. and Mrs. Ash Bijlani
Ms. Lisa Black
Mr. Lorne Bloch
Ms. Mary Jo Blue
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bohen
Ms. Grace Bonetati
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Bowlin
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Bradley
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Brauns
Mr. Peter Brejcha
Mr. Thomas A. Briggs
Ms. Jeanine Brillon
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Broker
Mr. Jonathan Brophy
Mr. Matthew Brosamer and Mrs. Bianca C. Ryan
Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Broschinsky
Mr. Jason D. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan A. Brown
Mr. Dusty Bruce
Ms. Gina Buscheck
Mr. and Mrs. Don Camacho
Mr. David Cannon
Ms. Joan M. Canzone
Ms. Michaela Carmichael
Mr. E. Bartlett Carr and Mrs. Surinder Kaur
Mr. and Mrs. Joaquin Carter
Mr. Thomas Casarella
Ms. Mari Elana Case
Mr. Brian Cesario
Ms. Betty B. Chapman
Mr. Michael Cheever
Mr. Ryan Chin
Ms. Kimberly Chips
Mr. John Christensen
Mr. Byron Clark and Mrs. Eleanor Vallee Clark
Ms. Jo Ann Clark
Ms. Lori S. Clarke
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Clay
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Cohen
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon R. Collins
Ms. Laurie Content
Ms. Lisa Cook
Mr. Nathan J. Cook
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Cooley
Ms. Carolyn Cooney
Ms. Janet Cooper
Mr. and Mrs. Errett Cord
Ms. Crystal Coutu
Mr. Tyler Crain
Dr. and Mrs. Earle Crandall
Ms. Charlene Crean
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Crowley
Mr. and Mrs. Benedict A. Dalby
Mr. and Mrs. James Dalton
Laura L. Darke, Ph.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Daum
Ezra C. Davidson, Jr., M.D.
Mr. Chadd Davis
Mrs. Claire W. Davis
Mr. Terry L. Davis
Ms. Tiffany Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Donald DeBoer
Mr. John DeFazio
Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Del Valle
Mr. Vartan Derbedrossian
Mr. Scott Diehl
Mr. Brett Dougherty and Mrs. Carolyn Dirks
Ms. Kari Dixon
Mr. John Donovan
Mr. Marshall Dostal
Mr. and Mrs. James B. Downie
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Drenning
Mr. John J. Dunion
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathon Eastman
Ms. Deborah Eisen
Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Elliott
Mr. and Mrs. Gregg K. Elliott
Mrs. Ernestine Elster
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Fairbairn
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Faze
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold L. Fish
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Fivekiller
Ms. Barby Follero
Ms. Cindy Freedland
Mr. and Mrs. Les Fujimoto
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Galusha
Mr. Joseph Gantman
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Garcia
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Gardner
Mr. and Mrs. Scott N. Garrett
Mr. Terry Gene
Mrs. Deidre George-Mullins
Mr. Fred Ghassemieh
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Gilhuly
Mr. and Mrs. David Gill
Ms. Mary Jo Gillis
Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey C. Given
Mr. and Mrs. William Glass
Mr. Steve Glisson
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Gold
Mr. and Mrs. Marc S. Goldin
Ms. Olivia P. Goldsmith
Mr. and Mrs. Art Gonzalez
Mr. and Mrs. J. Jefferson Goodman
Ms. Beverly Goodwin
Ms. Alice Gordon
Ms. Deborah K. Gordon
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Greco
Ms. Janet G. Greene
Mr. Craig Duglin and Mrs. Caryn Greenhut
Ms. Elissa Grossman
Ms. Christina M. Haakenson
Mr. BJ Haas
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Haas
Mr. Alexander Haller
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Hamilton
Mr. and Mrs. David H. Hannah
Ms. Sharlene L. Hardin
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Harris
Ms. Loretta J. Haugen
Ms. Julie Haydon
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Haydon
Dr. and Mrs. M. Alfred Haynes
Mr. Patrick T. Henahan
Mr. Brian Hershman
Mr. Christopher A. Higgins
Mrs. Desmond Hinds
Ms. Elizabeth Hirsch
Mr. Benjamin Ho
Ms. Andrea Hodges
Mr. Stanley Holt and Mrs. Jacqueline Bendy
Mr. Philip A. Homme
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Hoover
Ms. Heather Horn
Ms. Carolyn R. Houser
Ms. Emily Hull
Ms. Joann Hwang
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Ingalla
Ms. Kristen Irving
Ms. Natalie Jacob
Ms. Lisa Jeffrey
Mr. James Jeffries
Ms. Courtney Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. James Johnson
Mr. Thomas Jones
Mr. Matthew Jubitz
Ms. Seema Kakade
Mr. Sanjay Kalavar
Todd A. Kaltman, CFA
Ms. Dawn Kamber
Mr. and Mrs. Takeo W. Kaneko
Ms. Christina Kang
Ms. Terry L. Katz
Ms. Cheryl H. Kaufman
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Kay
Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Keene
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Kessey
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Keyser
Ms. Hillary Kim
Ms. Susan Kirkpatrick
Ms. Danielle Klebanow
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Klein
Mr. and Ms. Robert Klyman
Dr. Clifford Ko and Dr. Donna Ko
Ms. Ruth Kokka
Ms. Jan Kopic
Mr. Michael Kreger
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Kuespert
Fan-Wei Kung
Ms. Deborah Kuperman
Mrs. Elaine La Lanne
Ms. Stephanie Lakin
Ms. Linda Lane
Mr. Darren Kane and Ms. Robin Lebowe
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Lennon
Mrs. Robert H. Lentz
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Lewis
Ms. Jade D. Leyva
Ms. Judy Lieber
Ms. Shana E. Lieberman
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Liebes
Mr. James M. Lienert
Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell T. Linnick
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Longo
Mr. and Mrs. John Loughran
Ms. Rachel Lozano
Mr. Robert Lutz and Dr. Mary Elizabeth Horan Lutz
Mr. Sean Lyden
Ms. Diana Mack
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Mackel
Michael Mackiewicz, C.P.A
Mr. Zach Mager
Mr. Sean Maher
Ms. Tina Malave
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Markowitz
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Mars
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Massey
Ms. Sheryl Max
Mr. Tammy McGuinness
Mr. and Mrs. Brad McKeever
Ms. Victoria McMahon
Mr. and Mrs. John C. McNamee
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. McRoskey
Mr. Robert Q. Melendez
Mr. and Mrs. John K. Merkin
Ms. Dianne Merryl
Ms. Amanda Miller
Ms. Mary Miyashiro
Mr. and Mrs. Lester Miyoshi
Mr. and Mrs. Brett J. Morris
Mrs. Tobe Morrow
Ms. Sandra C. Moshay
Mr. Ohki Murai
Mr. and Mrs. James Murphy
Ms. Janet Na
Ms. Eileen Neff
Ms. Carrie Neustadt
Mr. Hieu M. Nguyen
Ms. Kelle N. Nguyen
Mr. ‘William Nham
Ms. Wendi K. Ninh
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Noonan
Mr. and Mrs. James O’Callahan
Dr. and Mrs. Steven J. O’Day
Ms. Elizabeth Oliver
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Olofson
Mr. Robert A. Olson and Mrs. Gail A. Reisman
Mr. Scott Palmer
Ms. Cynthia M. Patton
Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Patton
Marilyn Pennebaker
Ms. Jill Peters
Mr. and Mrs. Harlan Petersen
Mr. Robert E. Peterson
Mr. Michael Petrucci
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander H. Phillips
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Pink
Mrs. Teresa A. Power
Ms. Carol A. Preletz
Ms. Janelle Prescher
Ms. Lindsey M. Radzyminski
Mr. and Mrs. Adam Rand
Mr. Jonathan Ratter
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Resch
‘Mr. and Mrs. Mark Reuter
Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Rickert
Mr. and Mrs. Sameer Rifat
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Risley
Ms. Michelle Rizof
Ms. Satomi Roa
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Rocker
Ms. Alicia B. Rockmore
Mr. and Mrs. Al Roddan
Dr. Nereido J. Rodriguez
Ms. Maureen Rowles
Mrs. Caridad Ruiz
Ms. Amanda Ryan
Mr. and Mrs. John Saade
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Sands
Dr. Marrick E. Sayers
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Schneider
Ms. Jodie Schroeder
Ms. Elvie Scott
Mr. and Mrs. Bleecker Seaman
Mr. Jack Seferian
Ms. Aimee Sesar
Mr. Nicole Sevier
Mr. and Mrs. Shamon Shamonki
Dr. Anthony Shaw
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Shea
Mr. Matt Sheahan
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Shepard
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Shimahara
Ms. Laura Shin
Mr. Mark Shpall
Mr. and Mrs. Ira Siegelman
Mr. William J. Sind
Dr. and Mrs. Steven Skurow
Ms. Jennifer Slator
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Slothour
Dr. and Mrs. Buel Smith
Mr. Colin Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Stackel
Ms. Ava Steaffens
Ms. Ruth H. Strand
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Sugarman
Ms. Susan D. McConaghy
Ms. Rhonda S. Sweeney
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Sweet
Ms. Heidi Taliaferro
Ms. Marcia A. Taylor and Mr. Scott Olson
Ms. Jocelyn B. Tetel
Mr. Doan K. Thai and Mrs. Esther W. Han
Dr. Charles Theodore and Dr. Pauline Theodore
Ms. Jennifer Thibodeau
Mr. Timothy F. Culbreth
Ms. Shannon Torbett
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Tosetti
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Tourtelot
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Traboulsi
Mr. and Mrs. J. David Tracy
Ms. Mary T. Tran
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce E. Van Dalsem
Mr. and Mrs. Grant M. van Servellen
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Visca
Dr. and Mrs. Louis J. Volpicelli
Mr. and Mrs. David Waddell
Ms. Lisa Walco
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Waldron
Mr. Brian Wall
Ms. Rachael Waller
Ms. Carol A. Walters
Ms. Vera Webster
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Weller
Mr. Bryan T. Whalen and Dr. Corinn Cross
Mr. and Mrs. Kyle P. Wheeler
Mr. Ryan Widmer
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Williams
Mr. and Mrs. T.J. Williams
Mr. Barry Wilson
Ms. Sue Wintner
Ms. Kelli L. Wirth
Mr. and Mrs. Wade Wirth
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Witt
Ms. Shiri Driz Wolfe
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Wyan
Mr. John Sumner and Ms. Linda Yeomans
Ms. Diane Yim


Doris Duke Charitable Foundation
The Tikun Olam Foundation a support organization of the Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles
$100,000 - $249,999
The Annenberg Foundation
The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation
The Capital Group Companies, Inc.
The Crean Foundation
The Carl & Roberta Deutsch Foundation
The Green Foundation
The Thomas and Dorothy Leavey Foundation
The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation
Weingart Foundation
$50,000 - $99,999
The Ahmanson Foundation
Ingram Micro, Inc.
Ingram Micro Philanthropic Committee
Michael & Irene Ross Endowment Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles
$25,000 - $49,999
Disney VoluntEars Community Fund
The James Irvine Foundation
Harry Bronson and Edith R. Knapp Foundation
Occidental Petroleum Corporation
Orange County Community Foundation
Dwight Stuart Youth Fund
Wells Fargo
Wells Fargo Capital Finance
Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign
Wells Fargo Securities, LLC
$10,000 - $24,999
BreitBurn Energy Partners L.P.
California Community Foundation
The Casey Family Programs
City National Bank
City of Hope
The Corwin D. Denney Foundation
Disneyland Resort
Ernst & Young LLP
General Electric
Goodwin Family Memorial Trust
Hedge Funds Care|Help For Children
The Ernest G. Herman Foundation
Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation
Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles
Jiffy Lube
Kirkland & Ellis LLP
The League for Children
Lockton Insurance Brokers, Inc.
Lund Fund
The Madison Foundation for Families, Inc.
Mariners Church
Wilbur May Foundation
Oaktree Capital Management, L.P.
Edwin W. Pauley Foundation
The Louis and Harold Price Foundation
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Anthony & Jeanne Pritzker Family Foundation
QBE Foundation
R-T Specialty, LLC
Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP
Grace Helen Spearman Charitable Foundation
The Joseph and Fiora Stone Foundation
Flora L. Thornton Foundation
Variety-The Children’s Charity of Southern California
Two Anonymous Donors
$5,000 - $9,999
Advance Pierre Foods
Alix Partners
The Allergan Foundation
Alvarez & Marsal
Aurora Capital Group
Avanti Hospitals, LLC
The Bandai Foundation
Barclays Bank
Besso Limited
Capital One Business Credit
Carrington Charitable Foundation
CarterPierce, LLC
City of Los Angeles
Credit Suisse
Deloitte & Touche LLP
Duff & Phelps, LLC
Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP
Goldman Sachs & Company
The Gores Group
Grandpoint Bank
The Hattori Foundation
Imperial Capital, LLC
Jefferies & Company, Inc.
Jones Day
Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors Foundation
Latham & Watkins LLP
Macquarie Capital Advisors
McKinsey & Company, Inc.
Merrill Corporation
Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy LLP
Morgan Stanley & Company, Inc.
The Morrison & Foerster Foundation
National Charity League
Northrop Grumman Corporation
Northrop Grumman ECHO
Paul Hastings LLP
Radius Payments, Inc.
Reliance Steel & Aluminum Co.
Traylor Bros., Inc.
U.S. Bank
UniHealth Foundation
Union Bank Foundation
The UPS Foundation
Warner Bros.
Wireless Capital Partners, LLC
Wood, Smith, Henning & Berman LLP
One Anonymous Donor
$2,500 - $4,999
Ares Management, LLC
Cars 4 Causes
The Charitable Foundation/Berkshire Hathaway
Etonien, LLC
In-N-Out Burger
Korn/Ferry International
Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Employees’ Reaching Out Club
Merrill DataSite
Nest Studio Rentals
Nestle USA
Northern Trust Open
Paladin Healthcare Capital, LLC
Quantum Foods, LLC
RR Donnelley
Sierra Nevada Investment Group LLC
Sidney Stern Memorial Trust
Target Corporation
Truist (United eWay and CreateHope collaborative)
Twin Haven Capital Partners, LLC
United Way, Inc.
Windes, Inc.
$1,000 - $2,499
AEG Global Partnerships
Amber Apartments LLC
Change a Life Foundation
Chanteclair 537 San Vicente
Chapman, Glucksman, Dean, Roeb & Barger
Choice Hotels International
CK Productions
Dotted Line Communications
Financial Profiles
Joyce Company
Littler Mendelson Foundation, Inc.
Mayfield Junior School
Muller Family Foundation
Nida Apartments LLC
Overcliff Manor Apartments LLC
The PIMCO Foundation
Proskauer Rose LLP
Ruta Gardens LLC
Edward and Helen Shanbrom Family Fund
The Specialty Family Foundation
Sundt Foundation
Sunshine Gardens Apartments LLC
TEAM Schostak Family Restaurants
Villa Vicente Apartments LLC
Carl E. Wynn Foundation
Zonta Club of Newport Harbor Foundation
One Anonymous Donation
$500 - $999
California Alternative Payment Program Association
California Bank and Trust
Grantmakers for Effective Organizations
Green Hasson Janks
Pardee Properties
United Way of Metropolitan Dallas, Inc.
$499 and below
3D Inc.
Agilent Technologies Employee Giving Campaign
Allianz Global Risks U.S. Insurance Company
AmazonSmile Foundation
AT&T United Way Employee Giving Campaign
The Bank of America Charitable Foundation
Bonesteel Trout Hall, Inc.
Century 21
Dem Inc.
Duggan & Associates
Edison International
First Congregational Church of Los Angeles
First Giving
Give with Liberty
Goren, Marcus, Masino & Marsh
HSG Professional Window Cleaners, Inc.
Kratos Public Safety & Security
The Mortimer Levitt Foundation
Moog, Inc.
Morely Builders Incorporated
Otis Elevator Company
Restoration Management Company
Runaway Runway
Schindler Elevator Corporation
South Shore Building Services
Stuart Dean Co. Inc.
Time Warner Employee Grant Programs
Orange County United Way
United Way California Capital Region
Universal Protection Service, LP
Valley Crest

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Our Mission

Children’s Bureau is committed to providing vulnerable children — especially in the early years — the foundation necessary to become caring and productive adults.

Editor/Copywriter  Susan Wirth, Director of Marketing & Communications    Creative Director  Beth Goldfarb, Cause Farm Creative    Photography  Danielle Klebanow
The images of children and parents are of actual Children’s Bureau families.

Join The Greater Share

The Greater Share is a social movement to prevent child abuse. By investing in a share of children’s success, health, parenting and community, we are investing in the greater good of society. All of this happens because of people like you.

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