Cynthia Azali-Rojas first found a flyer for Magnolia Place at her local community center at a time when she felt lost and confused as a parent. After her son Maceo was diagnosed with a brain tumor at only seven months, he experienced developmental delays that worried Cynthia. He wasn’t walking or talking on pace with his peers, and he had difficulty eating certain foods. With help and encouragement in the Family Enrichment Program (FEP), however, Maceo has now developed “to a level that I didn’t even know was possible,” says Cynthia. FEP offers classes that assess children for developmental delays, provides resource referrals, and gives social support and encouragement to parents. Cynthia says the program provided the essential support that she and Maceo needed outside of a medical context. She appreciated the moral support from teachers and parents, and Maceo was able to watch and interact with other children his age as they did the things he was not yet able to do. After a few months, Maceo began to walk, talk, and eat textured foods that had troubled him before. Maceo and Cynthia especially enjoyed music time and preparing and performing in the holiday party. The pair would practice singing and dancing together, bringing the spirit of what they learned home with them. After two years, Maceo’s development continues to progress. His speech is clear, his vocabulary is growing, and he loves to run and climb outside. Cynthia is grateful to the other moms, kids, and teachers at Magnolia Place for their help as she has become a “more patient, more compassionate mom” herself. She and Maceo are both “very happy to have this community” of families and teachers. It is a “special program,” says Cynthia, with teachers and staff who are dedicated and supportive. She is happy that she and Maceo are able to be part of this magical place.