Evelyn Reyes is well known around Children’s Bureau’s Oakwood Family Resource Center in Los Angeles, and, with a big smile, says that the Center is her second home. Before finding Children’s Bureau five years ago, however, Evelyn was feeling isolated and was suffering due to the problems she was experiencing with her son, Diego, who was five years old at the time. Evelyn was referred to the Center to get help in managing Diego’s aggressive behavior that stemmed from her previous marriage to Diego’s father. Evelyn says that the intensive counseling and services that she and Diego received improved their relationship and they both feel a lot better. Today, Diego is a thriving 10-year-old boy who loves to read and play sports.


Evelyn, who remarried and has two other young children—Abby, age three, and Oliver, six months— was so pleased with her experience that she enrolled in more services offered at the Center including the family enrichment program, ESL classes and NuParent. She also took promotora classes because she wants to help her community and she loves the art classes and family nights. Over the years, Evelyn has taken more than 20 programs at the Center and says that when there is a new program, she wants to be there. She likes that the programs are free and located in one place. Evelyn wants to continue learning, especially for her kids, and says that life is good and her family is growing and happy!