Santana Hernandez had to face a harsh reality that he was going to be raising his two children alone. He and his wife had marital problems that resulted in a domestic violence situation. He had to protect his children and now has temporary custody of them. Life for Santana has not been easy as he is a construction worker who is struggling financially. His children were also beginning to act out and he was challenged with how to handle the situation. Santana was referred to Corbin Family Resource Center in Santa Ana through social services and began work with a Children’s Bureau family advocate. Santana says the family advocate helped to guide him and his children through some difficult times. They participated in family therapy and Santana is currently working with an in-home parent educator who is teaching parenting skills. Santana once felt alone and thought these type of services were for mothers only, not fathers. He now realizes that anyone can take advantage of the support offered by Children’s Bureau and encourages those who need help to call.