Los Angeles residents Richard and Melanie Harris were thrilled with the birth of their daughter, Miracle, but were feeling isolated and unsure as to how to raise the baby. With no relatives nearby — Richard’s family lives in New York and Melanie is from England — the couple was eager to find a place to take Miracle to get the information and social support they desired. Melanie spent four months trying to find a program that she could access via public transportation and that fit within their budget. In the summer of 2009, Melanie enrolled in the NuParent Infant Program at Children’s Bureau’s Oakwood Family Resource Center and found just what she was looking for and more.


Melanie felt immediately welcomed into the group and realized that many of the parents share a common bond of raising their children in a foreign country with limited resources. Melanie says that Children’s Bureau has given her an outlet to discover new things about Miracle’s development and has helped relieve some of the stress both she and Richard were feeling. They have formed new friendships and find comfort in knowing that they can always call Children’s Bureau for advice or help. The family is currently participating in the Parent and Child Enrichment Program and attends School Readiness Association events held on Saturdays. They appreciate that all of the services and events offered by Children’s Bureau are free and plan to enroll in the school readiness program as Miracle continues to grow.

Melanie and Richard say that their experience with Children’s Bureau has been life changing and that they recommend the program to everyone they meet with young children.