Teenage parents Francisco and Cristina were excited about the birth of their newborn daughter but were unsure as to how to care for her. While in the hospital, the couple was referred to Children’s Bureau’s Health Access Program in Orange County which provides free health education and in-home support services for pregnant women and young families. They took advantage of the offer and began with home visits by Dolores Vega, a promotora with Children’s Bureau. Cristina was feeling overwhelmed with breastfeeding and was thankful for Dolores’ help in teaching her a proper technique that allowed for a more soothing experience. Francisco was receptive to learning about parenting techniques, medical information and food stamps. Both parents are happy to say they have benefitted tremendously from the program and feel more confident in raising their child. In fact, they wanted to expand their knowledge base as their daughter continues to grow and were accepted into the Bridges for Newborns program.