When Marissa was expecting her second child, Annalisa, she knew this time around that she wanted to be a better mom. Marissa was a struggling teenage mom when she had her now five-year-old son. She was in and out of jail, addicted to drugs and seemed to have no direction. Marissa was referred to a Christian women’s home that changed her life, including meeting her husband at church. When Annalisa was born, Marissa, had a difficult time with breast feeding and felt frustrated. She was given information about various programs in the hospital and her grandmother encouraged her to call.


Marissa was referred to and accepted help from the Bridges for Newborns program in Orange County, an in-home parent education program. Family Support Counselor Ashli Brown gave Marissa the information and guidance she needed to continue with breast feeding. Marissa also learned about her daughter’s milestones and nutrition needs. She says that she can’t imagine raising her daughter on her own and is grateful for the support she has from her family and places like Children’s Bureau. Marissa’s life is back on track and she is currently attending school to become a drug and alcohol counselor.