Children's Bureau
2012 Annual Report

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YouChildre's Bureau


For all that Children's Bureau has done for us, we have no words to describe how much we appreciate, respect and admire the hard work of so many that help families like mine. Thanks a million to every single person who makes this possible. Your support of Children's Bureau really means

more than you'll ever know.

– Marcia Sanchez, Children's Bureau Parent


Marcia's Journey

When Marcia first walked through Children's Bureau's doors, she was simply looking for a sewing class. What she found was more than she ever expected.

A mother reading a book with her child. A parent disciplining with compassion not anger. Friends finding support and conquering fears. A toddler separating with ease from his mother. Tears replaced with confidence. A desire to learn and become more. Love, respect and strength. Children thriving and dreaming big. An involved husband and father. Giving back to a community. A job and a new home.

It's a life journey that could have taken a different path but didn't because of You. Your passion to spare children from abuse. Your courage to explore and innovate. Your willingness to open doors. Your belief in what's possible.

Children's Bureau accomplished great things in 2012 thanks to You. Your simple act of giving truly means more than you know to Children's Bureau, but most importantly, to vulnerable people like Marcia and her family.

Alex Signature

Childhood Struggles

Childhood Struggles

Early years  Marcia's mother passed away when she was 5 years old. She and her three siblings were raised by their grandmother. Her grandmother, as a child, did not attend elementary school as she had to care for her siblings and work. She could not read or write and signed with her thumb to communicate.

Marcia struggled in school and relied on her 8-year-old brother to help with homework. He was more interested in playing with friends and had little patience with Marcia.

Fears Are Calmed

Fears Calmed

2000 — Married and with a 4-year-old son, Samuel, Marcia seeks to overcome her feelings of loneliness and uncertainty. In search of a sewing class, she finds Children's Bureau and her journey begins.

Marcia discovers a reading class and enrolls with Samuel. Slowly her fears about learning and raising her son are calmed.

A second child is born, Paola. Marcia is encouraged by a neighbor to sign up for the school readiness program. She learns the value of quality family time, respect and gains a positive foundation for her children's academic and life success. Paola excels in the program and graduates ready for kindergarten.

600children participated in school readiness programs preparing them for kindergarten and future academic success

Because of You

Confidence Gained

Confidence Gained

2004 — Marcia joins Community in Action, a parent leadership group. In working with community members, she hones her outreach and presentation skills while sharing her enthusiasm for all that Children's Bureau has to offer families. Her confidence builds and she becomes a trusted resource in the community.

10%of parents participating in our prevention programs joined a leadership group to expand their personal growth and community involvement

Because of You

Parenting Strengthened

Parenting Strengthened

2006 — Marcia participates in the NuParent program when her third child, Elias, is born. She continues with the family enrichment program where a teacher helps Marcia and her son with separation challenges.

3500families learned child-rearing skills, bonding activities and found a support forum with other new parents through the NuParent program

Because of You

Sharing Experience

Sharing Experience

2009 — Children's Bureau hires Marcia as a family advocate for the school readiness program. She continues to build valuable skills to prepare her for the next step of her career.

10family advocates helped 1,000+ at-risk Orange County families with links to vital necessities and resources including therapists and parent educators

Because of You

Becoming a Leader

Becoming a Leader

2011 — Marcia enrolls in community college seeking a degree in social work. She wants to set a good example for her kids.

She is hired as a community organizer for South Bay Center for Counseling, a Magnolia Community Initiative partner.

90%of all the people who live in the 500-block Magnolia Community Initiative catchment area were connected to at least 1 of our 75 partners. In 2013, we plan to launch a web-based system that will connect everyone to all services. Learn more at

Because of You

Family Triumphs Continue...

Family Triumphs

2012 — In June, Marcia is honored with the Courage Award by Children's Bureau. Samuel, now 15, does well in school and sports. He aspires to be in the CIA or FBI. Paola is a 12-year-old gifted student with a passion for art and animals. Elias is a happy, funny and very social 5 year old. The Sanchez family purchased and moved into their first single-family home.

Prevention Makes Cents

Fact: What it means:
700 New Neural Connections Per Second are Formed in the First Few Years of Life Getting things right the first time is easier and more effective than trying to fix them later.
18 months Age At Which Disparities in Vocabulary Begin to Appear Early childhood matters because experiences early in life can have a lasting impact on later learning, behavior, and health.
$4-$9 In Returns for Every Dollar Invested in Early Childhood Programs All of society benefits from investments in early childhood programs.
Source: Harvard University Center on the Developing Child
Magnolia Place

We also helped those hurt by abuse


x 10
children adopted


x 100
children placed in foster homes


x 10,000
hours of mental health therapy and counseling

Your Leadership Shines


Board of Directors

  • Chair
    Marilyn Stein
    Tikun Olam Foundation
  • Vice Chairs
    Alan Berkes
    The Ballpark
  • Ivan Hindshaw
    Bain & Company, Inc.
  • Janie Schulman
    Morrison & Foerster, LLP
  • Julia Stewart
    DineEquity, Inc.
  • Ana Valdez
    The 650 Company
  • Halbert Washburn
    BreitBurn Energy Partners L.P.
  • Hope Wintner
    Civic Leader
  • Treasurer
    J. Jefferson Goodman
    Sterling Strategies, Inc.
  • Secretary
    Susana A. Lun a Civic Leader
  • Directors

  • Neal Aton
    Wells Fargo Insurance Services USA, Inc.
  • Michael S. Burke
  • John Durrant
    Paul Hastings LLP
  • George W. Fenimore
    Civic Leader
  • B. James Ford
    Oaktree Capital Management, L.P.
  • Michael J. Fourticq, Sr.
    Hancock Park Associates
  • Christopher M. Frank
    Bonk Breaker, LLC
  • Thomas T. Hacking
  • Eileen Kamerick
    Houlihan Lokey
  • Peter W. Kelly
    Chrisman & Company
  • Mark Lemons
    Mark C. Lemons Foundation
  • Richard R. Magnuson, Jr.
    Ernst & Young LLP
  • George Manyak
    GM Outdoor
  • Charles Marquis
    Civic Leader
  • Hasham Mukadam
    Occidental Petroleum Corporation
  • Hector Orci
  • David Pittman
    Union Bank, The Private Bank
  • Arthur H. Rasmussen, Jr.
    CB Richard Ellis
  • Carrie Tilton
    Civic Leader
  • Michelle Traylor
    Civic Leader

  • Ex-Officio
  • Mark Carlin
    Lockton Insurance Brokers, Inc.

Board of Trustees

  • Children's Bureau Foundation

  • Chair
    Mark Carlin
    Lockton Insurance Brokers, Inc.
  • Executive Vice Chair
    Alex Morales
    Chidren's Bureau
  • Vice Chairs
    Randy L. Bort
    Shady Tree Holdings, LLC
  • Kathleen M. Duncan
    Civic Leader
  • Scott Honour
    The Gores Group (retired)
  • Matthew V. Pauley
    GE Capital
  • Treasurer
    Martin Jacobs
    Capital World Investors
  • Secretary
    Shelli Herman
    Shelli Herman & Associates

Children's Bureau is the best nonprofit I know to tackle the enormous challenges of how to help families in need. The innovation, care and talent that contribute to its 100-plus years of serving the community are truly impressive. I give to Children's Bureau because I believe in their efforts to ultimately spare all children from abuse.– Julia Stewart, CEO, DineEquity, Inc.

  • Trustees

  • Bryan Boghosian
    Deloitte & Touche LLP
  • Wallace W. Booth
    Ducommun, Inc. (retired)
  • Stephanie Campbell DIRECTV, Inc. (retired)
  • Susan Cheng
    Warner Brothers Entertainment
  • Kenneth J. Chirba
    Wachovia Bank, NA (retired)
  • Mary Davis
    Civic Leader
  • Cecily Dean
    Civic Leader
  • A. Redmond Doms
    Redmond Doms Company
  • Damon Fisher
    Kirkland & Ellis, LLP
  • B. James Ford
    Oaktree Capital Management, L.P.
  • Michael Fourticq, Jr.
    Hancock Park Associates
  • Michael J. Fourticq, Sr.
    Hancock Park Associates
  • Mark W. Gibello
    Trust Company of the West
  • Scott L. Grave
    Oaktree Capital Management, L.P.
  • G. Louis Graziadio, III
    Ginarra Partners LLC
  • Thomas T. Hacking
  • Douglas M. Hayes
    Hayes Capital Corporation
  • Charles Hogan
    Radius Financial
  • Lori Irving
    QBE First
  • Jenny Jones
    Elkins/Jones Insurance
  • Jordon L. Kruse
    Oaktree Capital Management, L.P.
  • Dale R. Laurance
    Laurance Enterprises LLC
  • Roger M. Laverty, III
    Farmer Brothers Coffee
  • Mary Jones Marshall
    Civic Leader
  • Kelly Masuda
    Caruso Affiliated
  • Adam Pierce
    Oaktree Capital Management, L.P.
  • Keith W. Renken
    Deloitte & Touche LLP (retired)
  • Clinton R. Stevenson, Jr.
    West Coast Housing Partners, LLC
  • Lester M. Sussman
    Resources Global Professionals
  • Stuart Taylor
    Taylor Realty Advisors
  • Michael Traylor
    Traylor Brothers
  • Salvador Villar
    Banamex USA
  • James R. Walther
    Mayer Brown, LLP
  • Matthew Wilson
    Oaktree Capital Management, L.P.
  • Scott Witter
    City National Bank
  • Ex-Officio
    Marilyn Stein
    Tikun Olam Foundation
  • Marilyn Marilyn Stein, Tikun Olam Foundation
    Board of Directors, Chair
  • Mark Mark Carlin, Lockton Insurance Brokers, Inc.
    Board of Trustees, Chair
  • David David Madison, Color Graphics
    Orange County Board of Trustees, Chair

Orange County
Board of Trustees

  • Chair
    David Madison
    Color Graphics
  • Paul Feuerborn
    Capital Group Companies
  • Jeffrey S. Fields
    Windes & McClaughry
  • Richard Flanagan
    R-T Specialty
  • Garrick A. Hollander
  • Christopher A. Hutnick
    Deloitte & Touche LLP
  • Sean Masterson
    Freestone Capital

Newly Elected Leadership

  • Board of Directors
  • Juan Alfonso
    ABC Studios
  • Kristine Losito
    Civic Leader
  • Board of Trustees
  • Kenneth Baronsky
    Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy LLP
  • Chapin Hunt
    LoanCore Capital
  • Michael Keller
    Tiedemann Wealth Management
  • Pieter Theron
    Ernst & Young LLP

10,000average number of volunteer hours in a year dedicated to Children's Bureau

  • Orange County Trustees

  • Lori Irving
    QBE First
  • Keven Yue
    Ingram Micro Inc.

Event Leadership

  • The Angelic Auxiliary
  • President
    Cecily Dean
  • Event Co-Chairs
    Jennifer Anderson
    Marianna Linfesty
    Alix Olavarria
    Stacy Stabinsky
  • Children's Bureau Celebrity Chefs & Wine Tasting
  • Event Chair
    Julia Stewart
  • Children's Bureau Clambake
  • Event Co-Chairs
    Barbara Eidson and Brenda Walters
  • The League for Children
  • President
    Mary Davis
  • Event Co-Chairs
    Mary Hiestand and Carol Towne
  • Mighty Rubber Ducky Derby
  • Event Chair
    Janice Sindoni
  • President's Invitational
    Executive Golf Committee
  • Event Co-Chairmen
    Pieter Theron and Matthew Wilson
  • Super Bowl Event
  • Event Chair
    Jeffrey S. Fields
  • Vice Chairmen's Event
  • Event Co-Chairmen
    Mark Lemons and Matthew V. Pauley

Staff Leadership

  • Alex Morales, L.C.S.W.
    President & CEO
  • Ron Brown, M.B.A.
    Chief Program Officer
  • Sona Chandwani, M.B.A.
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Jacqueline Meek, C.P.A.
    Chief Development Officer
  • Ann Van Winkle, M.A.
    Chief Human Resources Officer

In Memoriam

Children's Bureau will greatly miss these dear friends. They were extraordinary people who did extraordinary things to help others less fortunate in our community.

Donna Crean Ed Davis Barbara Knight Lois Linkletter

2011/12 Financial Overview

Children's Bureau is the largest investor in
child abuse prevention in the country.

Jefferson J. Jefferson Goodman,
Sterling Strategies, Inc.
Agency Treasurer
Martin Martin Jacobs,
Capital World Investors
Foundation Treasurer
Program CostsKids
41% prevention
39% mental health
20% foster care &
adoption services
Agency ExpensesFile
85% program
12% administration and
community relations
3% fundraising
Children's Bureau Foundation and other
Private Charitable Support $ 3,063,077  
Contributions In-Kind* 1,169,341  
Government Fees & Contracts 15,254,524  
Government Grants 8,878,031  
Total Program Support   $ 28,364,973
Other Revenue –    
Rental Income $ 358,750  
Investment Income 322,335  
Interest Income 286,422  
Realized & Unrealized Gain on Investments 195,595  
Miscellaneous 610,718  
Total Other Revenue   $ 1,773,820
Total Revenue   $ 30,138,793

*Donated outdoor advertising campaign and legal services

Programs and Services
Prevention $ 10,305,857  
Mental Health 9,898,663  
Foster Care & Adoption 5,202,720  
Total Programs and Services Expenses   $ 25,407,240
Support Services    
Administration and Community Relations $ 3,623,975  
Fundraising 806,072  
Total Support Services Expenses $ 4,430,047  
Total Expenses   $ 29,837,287
Change in Net Assets   $ 301,506

Children's Bureau audited financial statements available upon request by calling 213.342.0145.

Father and Son

You are Children's Bureau

We greatly appreciate each and every one of YOU! For a complete list of current donors, please visit our website at

People of Children's Bureau

1. Carrie Tilton, Marcia Sanchez and Dave Parsons 2. Stephanie Campbell 3. Brenda Walters and Barbara Eidson 4. Matt Wilson, Pieter Theron and Ryan McCarthy 5. The Sound 100.3's Mimi Chen (center) with volunteers from Capital Group Yvette Marquez, Nadia Olstad, Monica Martinez and Daniel Vela6. Carol Towne, Humphrey Bogart impersonator and Mary Hiestand 7. Kids from Calvary Christian School Volunteer Day 8. Scott Witter

People of Children's Bureau

9. Banamex USA Family Financial Event Volunteers 10. Richard Riordan, Rhonda Fleming and Ambassador Glen Holden 11.  Ellen Hotchkiss, Fran Sweeney, Sue McDermott and Lisa Tomsick 12. Lacey Gaitan, Jeff Fields, Kathy and Warren Taylor 13. Ivan and Tina Hindshaw 14. Hector Orci and Andrew Orci 15. Heather Thomas, Kathy Outcalt, Tamara Bland and Carleen Riley

10 to 1ratio of dollars leveraged in private
philanthropy to support our key prevention work

People of Children's Bureau

16. Hope Wintner and Lisa Cook at Big Sunday Book Event 17. Buz Knyal, Reed Maughan, Damon Fisher and Mike Fourticq, Jr. 18. Ceci Dean, Jennifer Anderson, Mari Linfesty, Stacy Stabinsky and Alix Olavarria 19. Charlie Feuerborn (L) son of Paul Feuerborn (back) and friends raised funds for CB in Orange County through Turtle Rock's Team Kids Carnival 20. Karla Delfosse, Stephanie Singletary, Tiffany Linski and Nichol Costa McVicker at CBRE Carnival Day 21. Mark Lemons and Matt Pauley 22. Richard and Christy Flanagan with Nicole and Steve Joseph 23. AEG - Staples Foundation Volunteers

Gifts at Work

Mother and Son
Because of You

Harry Bronson & Edith R. Knapp Foundation awarded a grant to the NuParent parent education and training program. In 2012, NuParent received international recognition with an invitation to present the program, measurement tools and results at the 8th Annual British Association for the Study and Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect Congress held in Belfast.

Occidental Petroleum Corp. funded our comprehensive child abuse prevention programs including school readiness, family resource centers, home visiting programs and parenting classes. More than 10,000 children and parents benefitted from these programs in Los Angeles and Orange Counties.

W.M. Keck Foundation funded the Magnolia Community Initiative, a national model aimed at building neighborhood resiliency and strengthening families to ultimately improve outcomes for vulnerable children. This grant is helping Children's Bureau provide infrastructure that aligns and links partner groups together, manages the communication efforts, initiates research and evaluation, and develops public policy recommendations to support prevention and early intervention strategies.

You Give Generously


For three decades, Barbara Knight's extraordinary generosity to Children's Bureau allowed us to spare thousands of children from abuse. While we deeply miss our dear friend, her kind heart will continue to help countless vulnerable children for generations to come through a planned gift she made to our Robert G. Kirby Society for Children. Legacy gifts like Barbara's are vital to the organization's future stability and program effectiveness. Be a part of our future and become a Kirby Society Member. To learn more, please visit

  • Wilma and Robert* Campion
  • Liza-Mae and Mark Carlin
  • Rhonda Fleming Carlson
  • Ruby and Edmond* Davis
  • Mary Anne and A. Redmond Doms
  • Linda S. Garrison
  • Connie and Doug Hayes
  • Dr. M. Alfred Haynes and Mrs. Hazel Haynes
  • Ambassador James D. Hodgson and Mrs. Maria Hodgson
  • Tina M. Johann
  • Marvel and Robert* Kirby
  • Barbara Knight*
  • Judy and Rex Licklider
  • Martha and Alex Morales
  • Dr. James and Judy Nelson, in honor of Jason
  • Royal Radtke
  • Carmine Salvucci
  • Sandy Sladen
  • George A. Studer
  • Ana Lourdes and Salvador Villar
  • Alice Willfong
  • Three Anonymous Members



Editor Jacqueline Meek, Chief Development Officer Editor/Copywriter Susan Wirth, Director of Marketing & Communications Creative Director Beth Goldfarb, Cause Farm Creative Photography Danielle Klebanow The images of children and parents are of actual Children's Bureau families. A significant portion of the printing was generously donated by Color Graphics.

I give to Children's Bureau because they help families to help themselves using a holistic approach that educates and guides them onto a successful path. This little bit of support has an impact that can last a lifetime. It's an impressive organization that's forward thinking in how best to transform the trajectory of those struggling to survive.— Mike Burke, President, AECOM

Chldren's Bureau

1910 Magnolia Avenue, Los Angeles, California 90007 213.342.0100

Community Sites in Los Angeles and Orange Counties

Mother and Daughter

28,000number of children and parents whose lives were enhanced through Children's Bureau's child abuse prevention and treatment programs in 2012

Mission Children's Bureau is committed to providing vulnerable children — especially in the early years — the foundation necessary to become caring and productive adults.