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A key strategy in helping lift families and communities to success is prevention. Children’s Bureau offers an array of prevention programs and services designed to nurture the child, strengthen the family and build a caring community. Children's Bureau is largest investor in prevention in the country.

Magnolia Community Initiative

Magnolia Community Initiative is a national model for large-scale community transformation where all children living in a 500-block vulnerable community break all records of success in their education, health milestones,the nurturing and safe care they receive from their family and the economic stability of their family. This is accomplished through a network that includes 70+ county, city and community organizations dedicated to improving outcomes for children in an area just southwest of downtown Los Angeles. Children’s Bureau is the founding spark and one of several sustaining backbone organizations. The Initiative’s key strategy is to build a social movement for community wellness within these neighborhoods; the innovative strategy goes beyond traditional direct service networks. Click here for more information.

Family Resource Centers

A Family Resource Center (FRC) is a team of collaborating agencies working with parents and local businesses in one neighborhood facility to provide large numbers of high-risk families with comprehensive services and support. A primary FRC goal is to decrease isolation by connecting families with their community and providing services that strengthen family functioning. The combined efforts of Children’s Bureau and our partners, in seven sites in Los Angeles and Orange Counties, produce a wealth of services such as parent education, after-school activities, domestic violence counseling, legal assistance, adult literacy and English as a Second Language classes. Children’s Bureau FRC's are located at Magnolia Place Family Center and Oakwood Family Resource Center in Los Angeles and in Orange County at Anaheim Harbor Family Resource Center, Anaheim/Fullerton Family Resource Center, Corbin Family Resource Center, Oak View Family Resource Center and South Orange County Family Resource Center.


NuParent is a unique parent education program with curriculums that cover all of the ages and stages of a child from birth to five years. It focuses on helping parents to become the "best parents they can be." Parents participate with their children to enhance and improve both the learning and bonding processes. There is ongoing group support for parents through the NuParent Club. Furthermore, agencies or organizations that provide parent education and development can partner with NuParent to use the NuParent program at their sites. Click here for more information about NuParent.

Kindergarten Readiness

Serving children up to the age of five, Children’s Bureau’s kindergarten readiness programs use the Creative Curriculum, an extensively researched and validated learning model for preschool children that helps develop the skills and awareness needed to become successful, lifelong learners. Age-appropriate academics, such as the alphabet, colors, numbers, shapes, phonics, reading, math, and science are introduced. Kindergarten Readiness is offered at Children's Bureau's Wallis Annenberg Child Development Center at Magnolia Place and Oakwood School Readiness Center in Los Angeles.

Partnership for Families

Children’s Bureau is the lead agency for the Antelope Valley Partnership for Families. This collaborative is part of First 5 LA’s Partnership for Families Initiative, a groundbreaking child maltreatment prevention effort designed to create a network of partnerships between new and existing service agencies and groups that are coordinated, accessible and responsive to the needs of children and families residing in Los Angeles County. Click here for more information on our Antelope Valley Services.

Home Visiting Health Program

Offered in Orange County, this program educates families with newborns considered at-risk for abuse in the comfort of their own home. Families receive vital parent education, developmental screenings, health and safety education, insurance information and community resources.