Family Assessment Form and Software
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The Family Assessment Form (FAF), developed by Children’s Bureau, is a practitioner-developed, user-friendly approach to assessing families, planning services and evaluating results. The FAF:
  • Has been used in hundreds of organizations, nationally and internationally, since 1987

  • Improves practice by strengthening assessment and service planning

  • Supports strength-based and culturally-competent practice

  • Serves as a reliable and research-validated instrument for measuring family functioning outcomes
Software Options

FAF Pro: a complete software application supporting a full range of case management tasks and administrative reporting requirements. FAF Pro is designed to be adaptable to meet the unique needs of individual agency settings and programs. FAF Pro is HIPAA compliant.

FAF Express: a shorter version of the software application designed strictly for limited data entry and reporting on family functioning factors only. FAF Express is HIPAA compliant.

All software products are HIPAA compliant. Further information and access to FREE trial versions of the software are available at
Booklet Version

FAF Booklet: includes background, instructions and a paper copy of the instrument that may be reproduced with permission by, and credit given to, Children’s Bureau. The FAF booklet is published and distributed by the Child Welfare League of America. Learn more about the FAF Booklet.